The Best Bedding for Boys: Game On Gray

Have you been looking for the perfect bedding for your boy's room? Look no further, because we've got you covered! Introducing the Game On Gray Beddy's zipper bedding set as a new customer's favorite for boy's bedding. Here are some of our favorite ways we turned this versatile bedding into the perfect boy's room:
First up is a room styled by none other than our very own Beddy's Designers! They paired the gray and white, rugby striped bedding with our Nautical Navy Blanket and a couple of our Home Collection Pillow Covers. Featured are the Farmhouse Stripes and Scattered Drops Pillow Covers. The Beddy's Designers perfectly pulled in three different hues of blue to create the cleanest boy's room you've ever seen.
Next, we have Susan McInnis from @tablefor5please on Instagram. She used the Game On Gray Beddy's Set as the base in her son's nautical-themed room. From the coastal decorative pillows, to the shark breaching from the headboard, we love everything about this room! Check out Susan's Instagram page for more home décor inspiration. 
We also wanted to show how great our Game On Gray Beddy's Set can look, paired with another set on a bunk bed. On the bottom bunk, we have our Modern Gray Beddy's Set, and once again, our favorite blue-hued accessories, the Farmhouse Stripes and Scattered Drops Pillow Cover. 


For our last feature, we couldn't just pick one picture, so we bring you two similar, but different, styles with the Game On Grey Beddy's Set to help pump up the 'cool-factor' in your son's room. To make it easy, our Beddy's Designers added our Totally Rad Blanket at the end, and combined it with Sports Pillow Collection at the head. Pictured is our Baseball and Basketball Collection, but this room design can also work with our other available sports sets- Football and Soccer.
Show us how you style your room with Beddy's by posting a picture to your social media, tag @beddysbeds and use the hashtag, #mybedzips, for a chance to win a $100 Beddy's gift card.