Handprint Flower Cards to Welcome Spring!

Hey guys! We know you are all looking forward to spring coming and the snow to start melting. What better way to get our kids excited for springtime than by making Easter crafts! We have one that is sure to win them over!
Handprint Flower Cards
These are so simple and would be perfect for Easter and even Mother’s Day. It is something special they can make for those they love.
What you will need:
Colored cardstock
Pre-folded cardstock cards
Optional: markers, paint, or glitter to decorate card once step 5 is finished
    How To:
    1. Trace your child’s hand on the cardstock with a pen and then cut it out.
    2. Cut a stem and leaf shape out of the green cardstock.
    3. Out of your remaining cardstock, cut out a shape of a rectangle just smaller than that of the pre-folded card. This will be the background.
    4. Tape the child’s hand “the flower” and the stem and leaf shape onto the rectangle you just cut out
    5. Tape the rectangle onto your pre-folded cardstock card.
    6. You can also have your child decorate this with markers or any other fun things to make it more unique to them!
    This idea is created by Stacey from Glued to My Crafts Blog. Click here to her post that explains how she makes these. http://www.adhesivetech.com/create/57-handprint-flower-cards-kid-craft