How Do You Spell It?

Do you ever find yourself stuck trying to remember how to spell a word that should be really easy, like the color gray? It is gray or is it grey? The answer is both. Both gray and grey are accepted in the English language. It honestly just depends on where you are. The English language is complicated, especially in regards to how words are spelled. It is as simple as which spelling is more popular where. Gray is more popularly used in the United States, while grey is more widely used in the U.K. Here are a few more words that we spell differently than our friends in the UK. 
Spelling in United States vs. United Kingdom
Gray vs. Grey 
Theater vs. Theatre
Color vs. Colour
Curb vs. Kerb
Favorite vs. Favourite
Donut vs. Doughnut
Cozy vs Cosy
The good news is that you won't ever be wrong. The name of our company is often search in a variety of spellings too. Some of them include beddies, bedies, bedys, buddys, buddies, Teddy’s, Betsy’s and our favorite, Bettys. Our name is actually spelled Beddy's it was a fun play on words because we feel like ‘bed ease’ is just what our brand is all about.  Making your BED with EASE one zip at a time! 
However you may have spelled our name to find us, we are sure glad you did.  We have so many different designs and styles that you are sure to find one you absolutely love!