How to use Bedroom Wall Décor Correctly

Feeling an unexplained gap in your bedroom's aesthetic? Struggling to find bedroom wall décor that truly complements your style? Do you keep redecorating and rearranging, but somehow it never seems quite right?

If any of these resonate with you, you probably need to utilize your bedroom wall décor to its full potential. Bedroom decoration is a delicate art, requiring thoughtful planning to ensure every space is optimally used and enhances the overall ambiance.

We're here to guide you through the nuances of bedroom wall décor. Dive in to discover all you need to know about how to decorate bedroom walls.

Five Tips For Bedroom Wall Décor

When decorating a space, there is no right or wrong right. You can get as creative as you want with the bedroom! However, there are a few things  to consider to ensure every art piece you include complements the look you're going for. 

Here are our five tips for bedroom wall decorations:

Use Blank Space Effectively

The blank space is just as important as the bedroom wall décor ideas you choose. If you fill your walls with too much art or not enough, it will start to show with the blank space. Always consider the size and format of any bedroom wall décor you want to showcase, and be strategic with the placement. 

If it helps, consider drawing your vision on paper before hanging your bedroom wall decors on the walls. This approach will help you decide what's missing, what's not working, and if you need to rearrange the wall art you want to use. 

Always put Your Art Prints in Frames. 

When printing or finding artwork at a thrift store or downloading digital downloads or posters, always put them in a frame. Frames add a high-end, put-together touch to your face. If you don't use frames, your favorite art prints and images may get damaged or start to wear and tear.

Stick to a Style

It makes sense to stick to one aesthetic unless you're going for a maximalist style. Match similar hues, tones, and patterns to ensure the detail in the art you choose to showcase complements your aesthetic. 

Add Contrast 

Just because you stick to one aesthetic or style doesn't mean you can't have fun with different colors. When looking at bedroom wall décor ideas, consider looking for contrasting colors that complement each other and add a fun flair to your room. 

Play With Textures, Colors, and Shapes

The number one rule of bedroom wall decorations is always to have fun! Feel free to incorporate different textures, colors, and shapes, whether funky frames, bold paintings, or bright colors. If you can make it work with your bedroom décor, these pieces will become your favorite piece in your room. 

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