New Year, New Bedroom!

Did you hear the news.... it is 2020! 😊 And I don't know about you, but when the New Year hits and all the holiday décor is taken down, I am ready for a fresh, clean start. Which of course means cleaning and having some fun redecorating! Some of the most amazing interior designers have collaborated with us this past year and we want to share some of their beautiful rooms featuring Beddy's Zipper Bedding
One of the great things about Beddy's is since the bedding isn't themed, it is so versatile that you can literally take any of our Beddy's and create your own customized room.  Your own style is simple to achieve with any Beddy's - just add a few throws, some different colored pillows and you have created the amazing room you have always wanted, just like Classy Clutter did in the picture above. Don't you just love the Green and Red they have added to this room? Those colors really make the whole room just pop! 
Speaking of Classy Clutter, do you know Mallory and Savannah? If you don't, you must follow them! They are the queens of DIY. They have designed some of the most beautiful bedrooms featuring Beddy's. The girls at Classy Clutter have done rooms for both boys and girls. Anything from a sofa sleeper, to an RV and of course everything in-between. 😉 These cute ladies show that Beddy's truly is for everyone. You will definitely want to check out what they have to say.  
Home by Heidi has a little something for everyone on her website. I could scroll for hours and hours getting ideas! She is definitely know for her decorating and party planning. Heidi recently said about Beddy's, "I can't even start to explain how much we love this bedding around here! Even if the floor is covered with a mess, the beds always look perfect!"
The rooms Heidi designed with Beddy's beautifully demonstrate how a few pillows can change the entire look of the room and make the bed a fantastic focal point of any space! 
Another must-follow is Holly and Brad from Our Faux Farmhouse. They are husband and wife DIY'ers that have the most amazing farmhouse that they have transformed into their customized living space - taking it one room and one project at a time. It has been so fun to watch them turn their "spec" house, into a beautiful home, all while sticking to a specific budget. They make an amazing team working together and they have the best sense of humor. Watching their Instagram stories each day will not only inspire you, but will brighten your day!
Holly and Brad designed an absolutely beautiful bunkhouse bed for their son Scout.  With any other bedding, this bed would be virtually impossible to make in the morning. With a quick zip of the Beddy's bedding, making this boy's dream bed is a piece of cake! 
Also check out this bunk bed featuring All Clayed Out. Don't you love how these neutrals make a bold statement?
Grey Birch Designs is another one of our favorite husband and wife teams. They built the cutest playhouse bed for their son in his "big boy room". However, for all its cuteness, this bed is another one of those hard to make beds that would have you scraping your knuckles every morning . Kaycie said, "These bedding sets are a game changer for us. My boys easily make their beds in less than 10 minutes everyday without me even asking!! So not only are they cozy, high quality, and super cute, they make life easier! That's definitely a mom win in my book and I feel they are completely worth every penny!" 

Don't you love how Kaycie layered the Checkmate and Gray Rugby blanket at the foot of the bed? Umm..... isn't she a genius?😍 Adding a Beddy's Blanket adds a little more texture and color to the bed, and completes the look of the room. But even better than that, they are the ultimate blanket - you won't find any blanket more snuggly, cuddly, warm, or cozy. 

Last, but certainly not least is Shelly. She is a single mom to 3 beautiful daughters. She has taught her girls, by example, that you can do hard things and she is a light to all she comes contact with. Shelly, from "House of Smith's" said about Beddy's...

"Life-changing bedding?...YES, it's a thing! I’m just straight-up annoyed that I didn’t invest in these @beddysbeds sooner. They have literally been the answer to my “bed-making-battle woes” all these years with the girls - because let’s be honest, a made bed = basically a clean room!!"

We absolutely love how she added a little pop of pink with a throw and some cute pillows to brighten up this room.  Our Chic White Beddy's is so frilly, and girly, and perfect for The House of Smith's Girls!

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