Sharing A Room with Checked Out

Are you planning a shared room makeover soon? Then keep reading because on this week's blog we are going to show you how some of our collaborators chose to style their shared room with the Checked Out Beddy's 
This first feature was styled by Julie from @girlintheredshoes on Instagram. She did a boy and girl shared bunk bed with our Checked Out Beddy's Set and our Dash Beddy's Set. She even included the set's coordinating blankets to complete the look. She used our Check Mate and Spotted Blankets. We love the mix-and-match nature of these two sets together, and we even love how easy this could be in any shared room! You can check out Julie's blog about how Beddy's changed her kid's sleeping habits.
Krystal from @simple_girly_blog on Instagram combined all sorts of different neutral patterns to create a relaxed shared room for her kids. With the Checked Out Beddy's Set, rugby striped curtains and chevron rug, we love how Krystal is making the most of her small space room. You can check out her Instagram page and her blog about Beddy's.
Sandra from @sadnracozycottage on Instagram, took on the challenge of revamping her boy's room during the school year, and she nailed it! The pattern of the Checked Out Beddy's Set really brings out the contrast between the dark wall and the white boards. You can read more about the details on Sandra's room makeover on her post here.
Here we have another example from Crystal of @drivewaytodreams_crystal on Instagram, on how mixing and matching different bold patterns can really bring a room to life! The subtle blue-sage accents, a spacious triple bunk bed and some Checked Out Beddy's Sets, create the perfect shared room for three Batman-loving boys. You can check out what Crystal has to say about her Beddy's on her Instagram post here.
Our last feature is designed by Bethany from @blessedonbluefinch on Instagram, and where do we start! The walls, the pillows, the daybed bunk bed! You don't need a ton of color to make a statement, but a green accent doesn't hurt either. You can read more about Bethany's inspiration for this room and her Checked Out Beddy's Set on her post here.