Special Guest Feature: Diana from @mrsblinks

Check out @mrsblinks feed for her some great DIY inspiration. And of course, her love of Beddy's. And now... introducing, Diana Blinkhorn!
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Hi! I am Diana. Coffee lover, living in the beautiful sunshine state with my man and three wild haired baby girls. 
My family and I live in a 115 year old farmhouse and are, little by little, making this old beauty our dream home. 
One of the first projects on our agenda was our big girls bedroom. Our two oldest, Lucille (5) and Edith (3), really wanted to share a room. Who was I to object? Instantly all I could think about was the sister slumber parties and matching jammies. I wanted to create a special space for them and I knew I wanted this space to be girlie and sophisticated. Nothing babyish here. My hopes were that this would be a room they would love and continue to do so as they got older.
I knew I needed to find durable and beautiful items for their new girlie escape. Items that would last! Thats when I came across Beddy’s. I was initially drawn to the beautiful design but once I started reading amazing review after amazing review I was sold. This bedding was loved by so many I just had to try it. 
I can’t say enough about Beddy's beautiful bedding. The soft milky fabric makes my girl's beds the comfortable spots in the house and they are so easy to wash and come out looking brand new! The one thing I really didn't expect was how much my girls would love making their bed. With an easy zip their beds are made and I love seeing the look of pride and accomplishment in their eyes. I really adore this bedding and it is the perfect addition to their new bedroom.