Special Guest - @Teenzy


I am so excited to finally be sharing Vincent’s bedroom makeover. Let me just start by giving a little prelude as to why we decided to do it now. Stick with me it’s kind of a lot! So, when we found out we were expecting our (unexpected) third child, we decided to start our master bedroom dream addition. We have always talked about, it was one of those things we wanted to do but never had a real reason to. Well, once we knew we were short one bedroom we decided to add on another room and give the baby our current room. I know the two baby girls could share a room but we thought it would be really tough in the beginning and the two would be waking each other up frequently. Cece is a light sleeper to begin with so it just wasn’t ideal. I know sharing rooms is still very likely for the two girls once they are older and want to share a room. But, for now separate rooms was going to work best. Once we decided we were going to add on a master we planned to upgrade from a queen bed to a king and that is how the ball got rolling on Vinny’s project. We decided it made most sense to give Vinny our queen mattress and upgrade his current room. Another reason being, our room will be under construction and with me being pregnant I need a place to sleep. So, I will be sharing a room with Vinny for a few weeks *cough cough months* while our room is finished.

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