Spring Cleaning with the Beddy's Staff!

Spring has sprung and now it’s time for Spring Cleaning!!

There is a love-hate relationship with Spring Cleaning, right?! When the sun is shining and the temperature is rising, it feels so great to start cleaning out closet after closet and room after room. But then again, it shows you how terrible the winter has been on your home and maybe how you've become a hibernating bear/hoarder! Well the staff at Beddy’s wants to give you some easy, practical, and tried and true tips to help you tackle your Spring Cleaning! Take a look at the tips from each of our staff members here at Beddy’s:

 Betsy (Owner)-

Clean EVERY surface with Gain Scented Mr. Clean All Purpose Cleaner. Not only is this product antibacterial and works on every surface, it smells amazing too!! I don’t know about you, but when my house smells good, I want to keep cleaning and keep the good smells coming. Get a bottle for yourself HERE.


Angie (Owner)-

Choose a laundry day. Some people like to do one load of laundry each day, but for me and my family, doing laundry once a week while catching up on our favorite TV Shows, works for us! Then there is no guilt all week about not doing the laundry. Basically though, find what works for you and stick to it. And don't forget, my favorite laundry detergent is Gain. Get a refill HERE.

Abby (Social Media Coordinator)-

Set a timer! Choose an area, room, or closet and set your timer for 30 mins. I always feel like I can clean any one area for just 30 minutes! You’ll be surprised how fast those 30 minutes can fly by! Oh and remember to only clean one area. Sometimes I can get frustrated by putting the shoes from one area to the right room only to find that that room is a complete disaster! Just ignore it! Go back to your first area and finish the project at hand! Then you can do the next space and set your timer again!

Sunny (Office Manager)-

Reward yourself! After your timer goes off and you’ve completed your task, reward yourself. I used to tell myself, as soon as I’m done, I can light a candle. That little reward, motivated me to finish the task at hand and enjoy the fruits of my labor next to my yummy-smelling candle! Maybe your reward could be a little piece of your favorite candy, a large ice-cold soda, or reading your favorite book. Choose something that works for you and motivates you to finish your Spring Cleaning!

Kerrie (Customer Service)-

Fels-naptha!! With outdoor sport season starting, those uniforms can really get destroyed from grass stains or ballpark dirt. Fels-naptha can get almost anything out!! Just use a cheese grader (I know it sounds weird but just go with it) and shave a little tiny bit of the bar off into your laundry with each load! This amazing laundry booster will whiten whites and get those nasty red dirt stains out of your kids’ baseball uniforms! You’ve gotta try it! Grab a bar HERE!

Well there you have it! A few easy and quick Spring Cleaning tips to get your house ready for Spring and Summer in no time!

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Love ya!! 

~The Beddy's Team


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