Top 5 Best Selling Beddy's Products You Didn't Know About

For our loyal customers that have been following Beddy's in the last 5 years, you may already know about what else we have to offer online, but for you newbies, here are Beddy's top 5 best selling products that you may not know about.  

Bed Skirts

The biggest problems we faced with other bed skirts was 1) they always slide out place and 2) the white base of the bed skirt that is supposed to be covered by the mattress always peeks out. Beddy's has solved that problem! We have added more fabric (about 3-4") around all the sides so that when the mattress shifts you can not see the white part of the bedskirt. Click on the picture above to take you to this bed skirt on our website. 
We also decided to make our bedskirts to fit on your boxspring like a fitted sheet. No more sliding off! All of our bed skirts have a 14" drop, just enough length to cover all the toys (or monsters!) under the bed.  Pictured above is our Twin Chic White Bed Skirt. Click on this video below to see how our bedskirts work:
You can browse all other available bedskirts.


2 years ago, the designers at Beddy's wanted to create a new accessory. Something that could add a little extra style and comfort. So, we came up with Beddy's Blankets! Beddy's Blankets are 60" X 80", the size of a queen bed. Featured at the end of this bed is our Shibori Stripes Blanket.

Beddy's Blankets are made from the same fabrics as our Beddy's Bed Sets, with 100% All Cotton on the top and our famous Minky fabric on the bottom. Our blankets are the perfect accessory that you can add on to the end of your bed, or use to cuddle up with a friend. Pictured above is our Blushed Blanket. 
So get ready to cuddle up and browse all other available Beddy's Blankets.

Home Collection Pillow Covers

One of our more recent additions to our website is our new, Home Collection Pillow Covers. These pillow covers are there perfect add-on to upgrade any room. They measure about 17" X 17" and can fit any insert up to 20" X 20". Pictured above is our Farmhouse Floral and Scattered Drops Pillow Covers. 
Beddy's pillow covers can be used in your living room, or even with your Beddy's Bed Set! Featured is our King Love At First All Cotton set, with our Pinch Of Peach, Naturally and Peaches and Cream pillow covers.

Feather Pillow Insert

Don't worry, we've got you covered! To go with our new Home Collection Pillow Covers, we made sure you could buy your high-quality insert in the same place. Our new Feather Pillow Inserts measure 20" X 20" and fit great in our 17" X 17" pillow covers. We made the pillow covers just a little bit smaller so we could get the nice 'full' look.
What we love most about our affordable inserts is that you pay a low price for a high quality product that always stand up straight and full, and won't go flat and slide off the couch. Buy our Feather Pillow Inserts and you can mix and match our pillow covers when ever you want. Pictured above is our Feather Pillow Inserts inside our Farmhouse Stripes and Sage Spots pillow covers. 

Sports Pillow Cases

Our last, and possibly our favorite, new accessory addition, is our Sports Pillowcases. These have been selling like crazy! We took our favorite sports and made them into easy and affordable pillowcases that can make your kid's sport's fantasy come true. We also offer matching plush pillows that you can buy separately to create the perfect trio. Pictured above is our Soccer Pillowcases
and our Goalll Pillowcases. 
Within the fours sports we rep- Soccer, Basketball, Football and Baseball- you can choose between two options: large graphic or small graphics. Big or small, these pillowcases will make a significant difference on your bedding. Featured is the Basketball and Football Pillowcases, paired with our Slam Dunk Basketball Pillow and our Touchdown Football Pillow. 
These standard pillowcases are the best because they are sort of made like a sandwich bag. There is extra material folded inside that you can pull out and cover the end of the pillow so it doesn't slide out or show. No more tags hanging out and no extra fabric at the end! Find our Baseball Pillowcases, Pillows and more at