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RV beds present the following challenges.

  • Most RV mattresses do not follow the standard mattress sizes that all standard bedding is made to cover
  • RV beds are usually very difficult or impossible to walk around when you make the bed
  • Many RV beds have under bed storage that causes standard bedding to slip off or slide around when accessing it
  • Much of the bedding that comes standard with RVs is low quality, uncomfortable, and not stylish

Beddy’s zippered bedding solves all of these problems for most RV mattresses!

How do I choose the right size bedding for my RV mattress?

Choosing the right size Beddy’s bedding for your mattress is simple. The first thing you need to do is gather two measurements – the width of the mattress and the depth of the mattress (how tall it is). Don’t worry about how long the mattress is or if it has rounded or cut off corners, as the elastic underside of the Beddy’s bedding will be able to adjust for that.

If your mattress is at least 6 inches deep, then make sure you purchase the Beddy’s set that most closely matches the width of your mattress. If the width does not match exactly, consider that a mattress that is wider than the Beddy’s will cause the zippers to ride on the top of the mattress, while a mattress that is slightly narrower than the Beddy’s will cause the zippers to ride lower on the sides. Choose the options that best fits your situation and order away!

Here are the measurements of all the Beddy’s bed sizes:

  • Toddler – 28 X 52 inches or 71.12 X 132.08 centimeters
  • Twin - 39 X 75 inches or 99.06 X 190.5 centimeters
  • Twin XL - 39 X 80 inches or 99.06 X 203.5 centimeters 
  • Full - 54 X 75 inches or 137.16 X 190.5 centimeters
  • Queen - 60 X 80 inches or 152.4 X 203.2 centimeters
  • King - 76 X79.5 inches or 193 X 201.93 centimeters
  • Twin, full, and queen sizes all fit up to a 15" deep mattress and king size fits up to 18" mattress

If your mattress is less than 6 inches deep, consider that the bedding may look slightly loose once it’s on. If that is something that you would rather avoid, consider purchasing a mattress topper to extend the depth of the mattress to 6 inches or deeper. Remember that most Beddy’s sets will cover up to a 15-inch-deep mattress, and the Queen and King sized Beddy’s will cover up to an 18-inch-deep mattress.

Most RV mattresses that are listed as queen sized should do fine with a queen sized Beddy’s. If the mattress is shorter than the standard size, simply tuck the foot of the bedding under the foot of the mattress. The elastic should keep it in place once it is on.

If you have cut corners or rounded corners on your mattress (such as the mattresses in the Airstream 19’ and 23’ trailers), know that the Beddy’s will probably be a tiny bit loose on those corners, but can be tucked under the mattress to fit as closely as possible.

Some RV beds can present even tougher challenges for bedding. Many bunk beds in RVs are much thinner than a standard bed, and sometimes much longer. In these cases, know that Beddy’s bedding may be able to stretch around these mattresses, but may not look great or be the best option. In these cases, consider purchasing Beddy’s blankets. This way, you are still able to sleep under the soft minky fabric, as well as have a high quality, fashionable option for the extra hard to manage beds.

Here’s a tip for more easily making an RV bed with Beddy’s bedding.

  • Take the mattress completely off of the bed
  • With the mattress off the bed, put the Beddy’s bedding on the mattress – this goes even faster when two people do it
  • Place the mattress, with the Beddy’s bedding on, back onto the bed - try to do that with standard bedding!

Not sure if the color is right for you?  We offer fabric samples.  Please email hello@beddys.com for more details.