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      Our 2024 Spring Collection Bedding Provides Comfort & Style

      Luxuriate in warmer weather with our Spring 2024 collection, featuring playful patterns, vibrant colors, and pastels. Beddy's bedding always looks pristine and cohesive, setting it apart from traditional bedding and ensuring one less thing to worry about when you start spring cleaning your home.

      At Beddy's, you never have to compromise on comfort or style. Our Spring 2024 line features a breathable and cozy minky fabric, elegantly paired with our favorite spring designs and patterns. 

      Discover what's new in our collection:

      Spring Bundles 

      Embrace the full springtime experience in your bedroom with Beddy's Spring Collection 2024 bundles, which include everything from blanket and pillow covers to inserts and artwork for a stunning spring look.

      Aiming for a serene and sweet atmosphere? Our Kaylee Bundle brings a soft, pastel peach hue into your room, complemented by a playful hand-sketched plaid design that’s subtle yet charming for any age group. Or, if you prefer a more modern aesthetic, the Jordan offers a stylish blend of charcoal, tan, and white plaid, perfect for adding a comfortable and stylish touch to any bedroom, from young children to adults. With our bundles, lock in the best price and create a springtime ambiance you'll love.

      Pillow Covers

      Want to add a springtime touch to your bed or a vibrant pop of color to your space? Our pillow covers have gorgeous designs and intricate patterns to elevate your bedrooms with the beauty of spring. 

      Every pillow cover in our Spring line pairs beautifully with a matching duvet or bundle. However, use them however you please, even on their own. To complete the look, we also offer beautiful pillow inserts.

      Explore New Bedding Sets for 2024

      Ready for a refresh? Explore our collection of new bedding sets for 2024! Our new spring line is designed to add vibrancy to your space with the convenience of Beddy's all-in-one set—say goodbye to the hassle of traditional bedding.

      Check out our spring collection 2024 today!