Shop Pay Installments, Afterpay & Affirm FAQ

Shop Pay Installments

When checking out with Shop Pay, you now have the option to pay now or later. Paying in installments on Shop Pay allows you to split your purchase amount into 4 equal, biweekly installment payments—with 0% interest, no hidden or late fees, and no impact on your credit score.*  In some instances, your first payment is due when you make your purchase; otherwise, your first payment is due 2 weeks after your purchase.

  • Purchases between $50-1,000 of any product (excluding gift cards) with the Shop Pay Installments option on the product page can be purchased using this payment method.
  • The installments option on Shop Pay is available on debit and credit cards.
  • Eligibility for and approval of Shop Pay Installments is managed by Shop Pay and Affirm. Beddy's has no control over this process, but you should receive an email from Affirm detailing why your payment was rejected.
  • If you choose to pay in installments through Shop Pay, there will be no impact to your credit score. For Shop Pay installments, Affirm will not report to credit bureaus.
  • If we process a refund, the refunded amount will be returned to your original payment method within 3-10 business days, and your balance will be updated. If your refund is less than your total purchase balance, it might not lower your next payment. Instead, you can expect fewer payments, a smaller final payment, or both. If your refund is more than your purchase balance, the difference will be returned to your original payment method within 3-10 business days.
  • There are no late fees if you miss a scheduled payment.
  • You can manage your Shop Pay account through the Shop portal here.
  • If you have more questions about installment payments on Shop Pay, you can refer to help pages here or here.

Here is how to start using Shop Pay Installments:

  1.  Add Items to your cart.
  2.  Check out with Shop Pay.
  3.  Choose to pay in 4 installments.

Your first payment will either be due at checkout or 2 weeks after your purchase. The next 3 remaining installments will be automatically charged to your card saved on Shop Pay every 2 weeks. And don't worry, you'll get an email reminder before each payment to keep you in the know.

*Payment options are offered by Affirm and are subject to eligibility check and may not be available in all states. California residents: Affirm Loan Services, LLC is licensed by the Department of Business Oversight. Loans are made or arranged pursuant to California Financing Law license 60DBO-111681.



Afterpay is a free, online installment payment method that allows you to pay for your online purchases after receiving them.

Afterpay splits your purchase into four equal installments. Your first installment is due at the time of purchase, and the other 3 installments are due every two weeks (six weeks total).

  • To use Afterpay, you must be making a purchase of $35 or more.
  • Afterpay charges zero interest, and zero additional fees if you pay your installments on time.
    • If you do not make a payment on time, Afterpay will charge an $8 late fee to your account and will give you until 11PM the following day to make your repayment. Afterpay will continue to charge you an additional $8 for every 7 days the installment hasn’t been paid.
    • Afterpay’s late fees will never exceed 25% of your online purchase.
  • Afterpay does not check your credit score on application, but determines your qualification based on your banking history and balance, as well as your payment history (if any) with Afterpay.
    • However, once you apply to Afterpay, you agree to let them perform credit checks and to report negative activity if you are using Afterpay irresponsibly.
    • Not making payments or having consistently late payments to Afterpay could result in lowering your credit score.
  • To avoid late payment fees, Afterpay will automatically deduct payments from your credit/debit card that you have provided.
    • Customer will need to make sure by the installment’s due date, that their account balance is enough for Afterpay to withdrawal their payment.
    • If the account balance does not have the necessary funds for the Afterpay installment, then Afterpay will not be able to process the payment and you may be charged a late fee.
  • You are able to apply for Afterpay’s installments plans, make payments and search for retailers that use Afterpay on their website or on their downloadable app (available for iOS and Android).
    • You can also log into your Afterpay account to see your payment schedule and can even make payments before the due date.

Here is how to start using Afterpay:

  1. Choose Afterpay as your method of payment at your favorite online store checkout.
  2. Enter in personal and card information to create an Afterpay account.
  3. Pay your first installment and your goods will be shipped to you by the retailer.

For merchants or customers with questions, they can contact Afterpay via their contact form on their website, or their U.S. phone number: (855) 289-6014.



Affirm is a financial lender for microloans that allow customers to buy goods and services offered by online merchants and pay off those purchases in fixed monthly payments.

  • When using Affirm, you can choose 3-4 payment plans:
    • 3 months
    • 6 months
    • 12 months
    • 36 months (not available for all retailers)
  • Affirm does not charge late fees and will include your interest rate in your total at the beginning so there are no surprises.
  • You need to have a credit score of at least 550 to qualify for an Affirm loan, however, you’ll generally have better luck getting approved if you have good or excellent credit.
  • Affirm does a soft check on your credit to determine your risk as a borrower and, if you pass, what your interest rate will be.
    • Based on your credit, your interest rate will be anywhere from 0-30% APR.
    • There are no refunds on paid interest.
  • Affirm does not typically require down payments, but some customers will be asked to make a down payment at the time of purchase, as Affirm may not be able to approve the total amount.
  • Affirm does not charge any fees for early payments and if you pay off your loan before the final payment is due, you’ll save on any interest that hasn’t accrued yet.
  • Affirm does not charge late fees. Even so, late or partial payments may hurt credit scores or chances to get another loan.
    • To avoid late payments, you can set up automatic payments through your Affirm account. Affirm will automatically charge your monthly payment from your debit card or bank account on each due date.
  • Customers can expect their first monthly payment to be due about one month after Affirm processed the loan. Each following payment will be due a month later on the same day of the month.
  • You are able to apply for loans, make payments, check your account, etc. on Affirm’s website or on their downloadable app on iOS and Android. 

Here is how to start using Affirm:

  1. At checkout, select Affirm as the payment method.
  2. Follow the prompt to enter your mobile number. Select Continue.
  3. Type your full legal name and your email address.
  4. Type your date of birth and the last 4 digits of your Social Security number.
  5. Select Create account.
  6. See your loan decision.

Once you have been approved, you can complete the checkout process at the online store you are shopping at and your items will be shipped out to you.

For merchants or customers with questions, you can contact Affirm  using their contact form on their website, or their customer service line at (855) 423-3729.