Beddy's Sizing Information


Mattress Sizes and Measurments

Toddler - 28 x 52 inches (71.12 x 132.08 centimeters)

Twin - 39 x 75 inches (99.06 x 190.5 centimeters)

Twin XL - 39 x 80 inches (99.06 x 203.5 centimeters)

Full - 54 x 75 inches (137.16 x 190.5 centimeters)

Queen - 60 x 80 inches (152.4 x 203.2 centimeters)

King - 76 x 79.5 inches (193 x 201.93 centimeters)


Mattress Depths Ideal for Beddy’s

  • Twin, Full, and Queen Beddy’s sizes fit up to a 15-inch deep mattresses.
  • King size Beddy’s fits up to 18-inch mattresses.
  • Beddy’s on mattresses under 8 inches will still look nice, but may fit loosely and some zipper functionality may be lost.
  • Our Twin size Beddy’s will also fit Twin XL mattresses. The elastic at the bottom of the bedding stretches further to reach under most Twin XL sized beds.


For Odd-Sized Mattresses and International Sizes

       If your mattress is at least 6 inches deep, then make sure you purchase the Beddy’s set that most closely matches the width of your mattress. If the width does not match exactly, consider that a mattress that is wider than the Beddy’s will cause the zippers to ride on the top of the mattress, while a mattress that is slightly narrower than the Beddy’s will cause the zippers to ride lower on the sides. Choose the options that best fits your situation.