Meet Boston

Beddy's x Make-a-Wish

Boston is a 6-year-old boy with a big personality and great sense of humor. He loves Legos, Star Wars and dinosaurs. When he was diagnosed with a brain tumor, his life was turned upside down, but learning that his condition qualified him to receive a wish, gave him hope during a difficult time. When presented with options for a wish, Boston knew exactly what to request.

Boston is a natural swimmer and has always been drawn to water. While undergoing treatment for his tumor, he was living in Arizona and his family had a pool and jacuzzi. Unfortunately, he could only enter the water on the weekends as his treatments on weekdays forbid him to do so. Boston began to live for the weekends. He anxiously awaited the days when was free to swim in the warm water. The heat of the water gave his body relief from the aches and pains of chemotherapy and became a source of therapy for him. Now that Boston and his family have relocated to Utah, one of his favorite things to do is use his dog’s big 5-gallon water bucket as his own personal mini hot tub. But Boston will soon be able to retire that, and Beddy’s was more than excited to assist in telling him that his wish for a real hot tub would soon be granted.

In knowing Boston loves dinosaurs, we had the perfect location in mind. Boston’s family and friends were greeted in the parking lot with personalized posters and smiling faces welcoming them as they pulled into the George S. Eccles Dinosaur Park in Ogden, UT. Boston was informed that although the indoor museum and outdoor park had closed for the day, they were opening the doors just for him! He was then given a “Future Paleontologist” t-shirt and escorted inside to meet his tour guide for the evening. In hearing Boston wanted to be a paleontologist, we knew we had to have one there and Jeff Bond, their resident paleontologist there, was kind enough to volunteer.

Boston came already well informed but ready to learn as well. When he wasn’t teaching all of us about his favorite dinosaurs, he soaked in all the new information.


Between exhibits the family stopped to enjoy two different short activities. For the first one, they all painted a small white plastic dinosaur, then later wrote their name on it before giving to Boston to add to his own collection. He now has a colorful set of souvenirs that also serves as a guestbook for those who were in attendance.


For the second activity, all guests tried out their own amateur paleontologist skills as they chipped away at fossilized dino eggs. After each creature was discovered, they were also given to Boston to keep.


Jeff, the paleontologist, was so impressed with Boston’s fossil work, he decided to invite him into the lab to work on a real dinosaur fossil! Of course, in order to do the work, he had to dress the part. Boston was given his own personalized lab coat.


After completing his work, Boston and his family went back outside for one more surprise. The Beddy’s team finally revealed his wish for a hot tub would soon be granted!


We closed out the night with drinks, the cutest custom dino cookies from @baked_by_amandah, and gifts for Boston and each of his family members- swimsuits from Rad Swim that they will soon be able to enjoy in their new hot tub.

 Watch the whole night unfold here-


Big thank you to all those who made this such special experience for Boston and his family:

Ogden’s George S. Eccles Dinosaur Park

Jeff Bond, Paleontologist

@baked_by_amandah on Instagram, Dinosaur cookies

@rivertondesign on Instagram, Embroidery on lab coat 

Rad Swim