Meet Ira

Beddy's x Make-a-Wish

We are so excited to introduce you to wish kid, Ira. He is a darling 6-year-old with a respiratory disorder and other significant medical conditions. This little boy is quite the fighter and a pillar of joy. While pregnant with Ira, his mom's water broke at just 15 weeks. Doctors were able to work their magic and Ira was not born until around 24 weeks, though he was born with many challenges. Although Ira is non-verbal, he is able to communicate very well. Through sign language and a speech-generating device that he carries with him, Ira is able to express what is on his mind. This little boy loves all sea animals, the beach and ocean, but especially orcas. He also enjoys going to the zoo to see the tigers, making slo-mo movies on his iPad, and playing with his dog named Ruby. One wish idea Ira had was to have a pet "walking dinosaur" because he is obsessed with dinosaurs. 

Beddy's had the opportunity to plan Ira's Wish Reveal - meaning, a special event designed to let the child know their wish was being granted. In this case, Ira's wish was for a pop-up trailer his family could enjoy. Complete with "walking dinosaurs", Ira's family was allowed special VIP access to an outdoor Christmas light drive, and a special scavenger hunt which included excavating dinosaur bones!
Making wishes come true for these special kids is more fulfilling than we could ever have dreamed. We always come away from these special events with full hearts and grateful spirits. Thanks as always for supporting Beddy's, so we in turn can pay it forward. Your purchases really do make a difference!