Meet Isabel

Beddy's x Make-a-Wish

Isabel’s mom calls her “little hummingbird” because Isabel is always on the move and jumping around. Her fun, positive outlook on life keeps her buzzing with ideas. She has an incredibly bright personality and is naturally imaginative. Isabel is always acting out different scenes or creating productions at home for her family to watch. Isabel adores musicals and is constantly singing and dancing around the house. When she grows up, Isabel hopes to be an actress.

When Isabel was a baby, she constantly developed urinary tract infections. At 6 months old, her pediatrician discovered that Isabel only had one partially functioning kidney. The family learned pretty early on in Isabel’s life that she would need a kidney transplant. To delay this, Isabel saw her doctor for maintenance health checks and she kept a healthy lifestyle to support her kidney as best she could. Eventually, as Isabel grew older, it became clear that her kidney function was declining, which was impacting her energy and making her feel sick. Ultimately, Isabel was put on the transplant list to await a match. Isabel is adopted and her two older siblings are not blood related, but Isabel has always had an extremely close bond with her older brother. Their family was blessed with a micracle when they found out Isabel's older brother was a match for her! This special bond became even closer when he provided his little sister with his kidney in August of 2020. While Isabel still has end-stage kidney disease, this new well-functioning kidney gives her a greater quality of life, thanks to her brother. 
This particular Wish Reveal was grand in every sense of the word! The Springville High School cheerleaders, marching band, and color guard all joined in the festivities to let Isabel know her wish was being granted! This reveal was so grand in fact, it included a police escort! 
And as if that wasn't enough, we thought we'd get Isabel some training for her shopping spree by sending her and her family on a mini-shopping spree that night! They were whisked away in a party van and taken to Target where each and every member of their family was provided a $100 gift card and 30 minutes to get what they wanted. Outfitted with custom shopping bags, the family shopped 'til they dropped! 
To top off the perfect night, our party van chauffeur and owner, Steve Hutchings, treated the family to ice cream. It just doesn't get better than that, does it? 
They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and we tend to agree - see the whole night's action below! 
Congratulations Isabel! We loved being a part of your special day and meeting both you and your amazing family! We are definitely blessed! 

Thank you also to those who generously donated their time and talents to this special event. 
The Springville High School band director, Matthew Wendell, cheerleaders, marching band, and color guard. You made this night spectacular! 
Thanks also to 
Robert Fleming - Springville High principal
Mark Binks - Springville High Athletic Director
Teresa Gordon- Springville High Office admin
EJ Lewis, Springville Police Department
Steve Hutchings for his time, amazing party van and ice cream!