Meet Jocelyn


Beddy's x Make-a-Wish

Jocelyn is a happy and outgoing little girl. She is sassy, feisty, and friendly. She loves to color, paint and play outside but above all else…. Jocelyn is OBSESSED with all things Disney! She loves to play with her Disney toys and watch Disney movies. Currently her favorite movie is Frozen, but that was not always the case.

In May of 2019, Jocelyn’s family received the heartbreaking news that she was being diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor. Jocelyn was only 17 months old at the time. Following her diagnosis, Jocelyn went through a year of chemotherapy and radiation. During this time, she loved Disney’s Moana and watched it every single day in the hospital while receiving treatment. In July of 2020 Jocelyn’s family was once again delivered the devastating news that Jocelyn had relapsed. In May of 2021, Jocelyn underwent surgery and is currently undergoing more rounds of additional treatments.

As a corporate sponsor of Make-A-Wish, we typically get to assist in the “Wish Proclamation” for a child where we hold a special event to inform them and their family, of when their actual wish will be granted. But for Jocelyn, we got to assist with the actual WISH DAY and that meant we weren’t holding anything back (ok, we never do). Jocelyn’s wish? To be a princess for the day! No surprise there, right? This is a little girl who loves all things Disney and for as long as her family can remember, Jocelyn has especially loved the princesses. She loves to watch them, read about them, and dress up like them. What happened on Jocelyn’s wish day? Well, that’s where the surprises come in and they just kept on coming!


The day began for Jocelyn and 15 other members of her family and friends at a royal tea party held at the prestigious Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah. Guests indulged in exotic teas and cocoas, were served a variety of sandwiches, scones, fresh strawberries and cream and the most delicate of desserts- all while a live harpist serenaded them.  


Two surprise guests arrived at the party with a few special gifts for Jocelyn. Cinderella and Snow White came to visit and gifted the little princess with her very own glass slippers (clear jelly shoes), the fanciest of jewelry and her very own ballgown.

After the family had finished eating and visiting, and following a quick wardrobe change from Jocelyn, they stepped outside to the beautiful courtyard for pictures before hopping in a limo to head out. Stay with us, we are just getting started with the surprises and it’s about to get really good


The family was greeted at the next location by the most exquisite horse-drawn carriage. After a peaceful and relaxing ride around the surrounding area, Jocelyn and her parents prepared to enter the building not knowing what they would find inside.




Jocelyn’s Royal Ball! Jocelyn and her parents entered the ballroom to find all their closest family and friends standing and cheering as they entered the room. Two balconies sat above them, each lined with a total of 14 different Disney characters and princesses also cheering them on.

The ball then began with Jocelyn being crowned and officially pronounced a princess, presented by Cinderella and Fairy Godmother. Then came a few performances: singing (by character Moana) and a few different ballroom dance numbers. The guests then enjoyed a professionally catered meal before the current Miss Riverton, Utah led the family and friends in some dancing of their own. Jocelyn beamed the whole night through and did not shy away from any of the attention. 

We concluded the evening by each of the princesses and characters presenting Jocelyn with a small gift. Princess-dress up clothes and wardrobe, play jewelry, games and activities, were just some of those items. Special friends- Anna and Elsa then escorted the family out to find all other princesses and dancers lining the walkway for a magical exit though a tunnel of bubbles. 



If you want to watch the whole magical day unfold, grab a box of tissues and watch it here-

It was a beautiful night to remember for all in attendance and an honor to be part of. We think of Jocelyn and her family often and want to include a special “Thank You” to so many who helped make this day possible-  

Grand America Hotel- Tea Party
Karen Jensen with Eunice Apparel Design- Jocelyn's ballgown
Wish Upon a Party- Princesses and characters
Corey Jones- Horse and carriage
Blown Out of Proportion- Balloons
Mellethin’s Catering- Dinner at the ball
Quickstep Dance Studio- Ballroom dancer performers
Jana Christensen Vocal Studio- Singing performance
Elinor Fox- Miss Riverton, Utah