Meet McKayla

Beddy's x Make-a-Wish

McKayla is an adorable 10 year old full of fun and fight. Unusual stomach pain led McKayla’s wise pediatrician to run tests that discovered McKayla’s cancer diagnosis and liver issues. Since being diagnosed, McKayla’s endured a 9-month hospital stay, a liver transplant, and numerous visits to the hospital. Her wish is to be a zoo keeper for the day and we were able to plan and sponsor her wish reveal in February, with her wish being granted in May of this year! 

What's a wish reveal? 

It's a fun event where we let the child know their wish has been granted. Did you know that there are kids waiting for their wishes to be granted? We didn't either, which made us even more passionate about helping. Now, instead of telling you all about McKayla's reveal, let us show you instead!

It was also McKayla's birthday so we were able to plan a virtual birthday party for her and her friends! 

For the party, all of McKayla's friends were delivered a paint kit and a fun birthday box full of party surprises beforehand and they were able to paint together via Zoom. How fun is that? 

And of course, what's a birthday party without a cake?

Now onto the birthday party....

After the paint party, it was time for the big present - her wish reveal!