Zipper Bedding Washing Instructions

Congratulations on purchasing the best bedding you'll ever own!

Please carefully read the following care instructions before using your new zipper bedding:

  • Wash in cold water on normal cycle and tumble dry on low.
  • Do not wash any other items with your zipper bedding.
  • Separate the top from the bottom and wash and dry separately. This will help the zipper bedding wash easier and dry faster.
  • Use liquid detergent. Avoid detergent pods and scented beads, which can get trapped in the folds and stain the fabric.
  • Remove your zipper bedding out of the washing machine promptly to avoid color transfer.
  • To prolong the life of your zipper bedding, we don’t recommend washing it more than once a week.
  • DO NOT pull the law label and washing instructions off your zipper bedding. If you would like to remove the tags, carefully cut them off using scissors. Ripping the tags off will break the seam and we do not warranty against the hole it will create.
  • For decorative pillows and pillow sets: spot clean only.