What Are Beddy's Bed Sets?

You'll receive your Beddy's neatly packed in a bag, with pillows and shams conveniently placed in the center. What's truly remarkable is that your sheets and blanket are integrated into one seamless piece. The simplicity of setting it up will impress you.

Each bag includes a matching sham and a specially designed pillowcase. Our pillowcases have a unique fitted design, similar to an inside-out sandwich bag, ensuring the pillow stays put throughout the night.

For those purchasing full, queen, or king sizes, the set comes with a full pillowcase and two shams. The king-size even has king-sized pillowcases and shams for a perfect fit.

When it comes to dressing your bed, it's a single-step process. Pull the built-in sheet over the mattress corners, ensuring it's aligned precisely for the smoothest zipping experience. The sheets feature elastic that stretches around the entire mattress, accommodating nearly any size. For thinner mattresses, the elastic ensures a snug fit.

In our design process, perfecting a smooth zipper was essential. The fitted sheet is securely stitched into the bedding, eliminating the hassle of bed-making. We've done away with the top sheet, a commonly unused piece that often ends up tangled at the foot of the bed, replacing it with either a minky or all-cotton lining.

Our bedding's universal appeal, for both children and adults, stems from our comfort panels. These panels provide perfect coverage, emulating the sensation of traditional bedding and concealing the zipper, so you won't feel it when you tuck the blanket around yourself. Making the bed is a breeze, with the blanket easily tucking under for a seamless zip.

If you're someone who likes to keep their feet cool at night, the blanket's full-zip design allows for that. It can even be removed entirely. To wash, simply detach the top and wash it on its own, or you can wash everything together in one piece.



How to wash your Beddy’s?

Watch this instructional video describing the best washing techniques for Beddy's. Caring properly for your Beddy's will extend their life and keep you cozy for a long time to come!

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