Why You Should Choose Beddy's RV Zipper Bedding

Why You Should Choose Beddy's RV Zipper Bedding

Beddy’s are the best for RVs! Make your bed with just a zip. All your bedding in one piece: sheets, cuddle blanket, comforter, pillow case, and shams. Goes on like a fitted sheet. Always stays tucked and in place. Now featuring zip base -- bottom sheet zips out completely. Includes extra bottom sheet. Available in RV sizes, short queen, short king.

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Why It's Worth It

Easy to Use

Beddy's RV bedding could not be easier to use. Here is how it works:

  • Put the exterior comforter on your RV bed and secure with the heavy-duty elastic border so it stays in place.
  • Unzip the side zippers, opening up like a comforter. The sewn-in bottom sheet stays in place. 
  • Slip inside and zip up, or keep your Beddy's open!
  • Ready to make the bed? Just zip it closed -- that's it!

High Quality

  • Beddy's RV bedding is made with the COMFIEST and best quality materials. 
  • Our 100% all cotton sheets keeps you cool all night.
  • Opt for a minky interior for a warmer, cozier blanket!

Stylish Design

  • Choose from so many colors and styles to match your RV's style!

No-Fuss Care

  • All of our RV bedding is machine washable, so you just need to zip, wash, and go. It's designed so you can spend more time adventuring!


“I love how easy it is to fix the bed in my motorhome! With the tight spaces, it can be difficult to make the bed, but with Beddy’s zippers, now it’s a breeze!”

Heather N.

"I was hesitant to buy because the products seemed expensive, but I needed it for the RV. However, once I received the product, I was so impressed. I bought one for each of my kid's rooms. They are so well made and COMFY! The Beddy works great in the RV. It is perfect!" 

Wendee C.

"The easiest bedding to use in RV's. Takes up no space and you gain space by not having to have blankets and sheets. Amazing how simple it is to put on your bed!"

Beverly F.

"We use it in our RV and it simplifies making our bed so fast. The material is soft and comfortable. I would highly recommend this product!!" 

Ken T.

“It washed like a dream and the 2 sections easily separated so as not to overcrowd the washer. So far I'm loving it!”