Creative and Fun Ways to Decorate Bunk Beds

Decorating a kid’s room in a way that makes both parent and child happy can be a challenge. And when kids share a room, it can be even more challenging. Remember, kids who share a room still want to have a space to call their own. The best place to make that happen is their very own bed.

Here are some simple and fun ideas to make bunk-bed décor easier for you and more personal for your kids.

Add Color

Decorate each of the beds so they complement each other without being identical. If the room has a monochrome palette, use different shades of the main hue for each child’s bedding. But if the room—and your kids—are more colorful than that, find different colors that work well together, like green and pink, blue and red, or pink and purple.

Try combining bright and neutral hues: colorful bedding with light accents on one bed, white bedding with colorful accents on the other. You can also mix up solid and patterned bedding in coordinating colors.

In case you were wondering, Beddys has plenty of styles that work beautifully in combination, like Nautical Navy and Ideal Stripe, On Cloud Nine and Perfectly Miss Matched, or Chic White and Always Enchanting.

Add Some Pillows

If you choose to use the same comforter on both beds, individualize with pillows in different colors or patterns. Add fun and whimsy by putting together decorative pillows in different sizes, textures, prints, and colors.

Speaking of pillows, make sure to have a designated place for decorative pillows (and maybe favorite stuffed animals) on the bed. You don’t have to go the traditional head-of-the-bed route, either. Try centering them against the wall for a more symmetrical look.

You can even turn things around and put the pillows at the foot of the bed. That way, they can stay in place even when kids are sleeping, so there’s no need to worry about putting them back every morning.

Get Creative

To make things even more fun, there are lots of simple ways add a little flair. Strings of colorful pennants, silk flowers, paper stars, even Christmas lights up the whimsy up the charm and whimsy of the space. Hanging curtains on each bed give extra color, texture, and depth—not to mention privacy the kids will love (it’s like having an instant blanket fort). 3D initials on the wall above each bunk help each child feel like they have their own place in the world.

And if the beds themselves don’t quite fit the look you want, you can always paint. For bunk beds, light, neutral colors are the thing to be these days. White in particular gives you a clean base to build a bright décor from. And a white frame will really make colorful bedding pop.

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