Beautiful Bedroom Ideas For The Creative and Thrifty

If you’re decorating a bedroom on a budget, there are two ways to go: DIY and deal hunting. But the best way to go is both. While DIY projects can start from items you already have around the house, they can also get their start from the perfectly priced treasures you find at an antique shop, thrift store, or yard sale.

Let’s be honest: it’s a lot of fun to go hunting for that perfect item or the unexpected find that just speaks to you. But since we’re thinking DIY, what you start with doesn’t have to be flashy or striking. It’s all about potential.

So when you’re shopping for second-hand, vintage, or antique décor for your bedroom, here are some of the best things to snatch up—and what you can do with them.

Antique Doors

These are a great find that you can do big things with. Place two together behind the bed for a unique headboard. A headboard project can be as simple as that or more complicated with sanding, painting, and adding molding.

Another bold option is to cut out rectangular panels in regular intervals and turn the whole thing into a stunning, large-scale collage frame.

Vintage Books

There are so many interesting ways to decorate with books, from crafts using torn-out pages to a whole headboard or nightstand created from whole books. But for a simple and beautiful update, look for books with covers that match your color scheme and use them to create floating shelves.

Or, if you want really simple, simply incorporate monochromatic books into what you have. Stack them neatly on a nightstand with a small lamp on top to add color, interest, and texture. If your bedroom has shelving, placing the books at intervals among other decorative items will help keep your favorite color moving through the room.


Whether they’re simple or ornate, finding a frame you can repaint is a quick and easy way to update your décor. It’s often worth it to buy inexpensive art just for the frame. Find a simple frame, paint it white, do a little distressing, and put a mirror inside for a bright vintage look.

A more ornate frame can even hang on its own to draw attention to patterned wallpaper or break up empty wall-space. Hang a whole collection of empty frames in various shapes, styles, and sizes for a beautiful gallery-style statement.

Wood Furniture

Dressers and accent tables are common thrift-store finds that are easy to dress up to fit your style and your bedroom. Look for fairly sturdy pieces made from wood—wood is easier to paint, and if you want an antiqued look, a natural-wood piece is going to give you the best rustic feel. You can also make a dated dresser look new with a coat of paint an updated color like a bold turquoise or calm gray.

So when you need beauty on a budget, look for potential. Have colors and ideas in mind, and when you see one of these pieces of DIY gold, don’t pass it by.