Beddy's Birthday. We're turning 5!!!

Beddy’s is FIVE. Can you even believe it?!?
It’s been FIVE years of laughing, crying, excitement, changes, hustling and sleepless nights...and we wouldn’t have it any other way.  Not only has our brand grown, but our team has too!  We are now employing 11 people.  We’ve introduced new products and we are so excited to introduce our charity this summer. Angie and I always said “Wouldn’t it be cool if some day we could to start our own foundation?” Well we made it our goal and we are soooo close to introducing it to you! We are so excited to be given an opportunity where we feel like we can make a difference. Stay tuned for the announcement this summer!

How about a little pop quiz?

#1 Top selling Beddy’s—Modern Gray

#1 Top selling accessory—Check Me Out Pajamas (guys if you haven’t tried our pajamas you are missing out!  We’ve decided to launch TWO new sets this summer and you will want to live in them!)

#1 Top selling Blanket—Check Mate

#1 Top selling pillow cover—Naturally

#1 Top selling sports pillow—Baseball

#1 Favorite Bosses in all the land?  Betsy and Angie of course (Don’t ask questions about who was polled for this one ;)

To celebrate our 5th Birthday we are giving everyone 25% off using the code 5THBDAY. We're so thankful for all of our customers to helping us to reach this amazing milestone. We literally wouldn't be here without you all!!