Beddy's turns 6!

Can you believe it? It's been SIX years of excitement and fun! There has been a lot of laughing, crying, changes and let's not forget sleepless nights... BUT we wouldn’t have it any other way.  We started Beddy's as a fun little hobby 6 years ago and thought it would be great if we could at least end up creating bedding that would help solve all of the bunk bed problems that I seemed to be to having with my twin boys. They kept telling me they were "impossible" to make! I mean.... have you ever tried to make a bunk bed? It turns out that they were right! Haha! Bunk beds really are impossible to make.  All of our hard work paid off and we were able to find a solution. We also realized that Beddy's are not just great for bunk beds. They are game changers for all beds. Now 6 years later.... Beddy's has become so much more than just a "little hobby". It has been a dream come true! Not only has our brand grown, but our team has too!  We are now employing 15 people who are now part of the Beddy's family. We don't consider just employees to be part of the "Beddy's family" though, we of course consider all of you family too. Our customers and followers are the ones who have helped make our dream possible and we wouldn't be here without each and every one of you. ❤️
Not only do we have the best team of employees, but we are also blessed to be able to work with our husbands too! They started their own fulfillment center about 4 years ago and do all of the shipping for Beddy's. We are not kidding when we say that we've enjoyed each and every minute of it. The four of us even go to lunch together every single day. Those of you who know us best... know that you will most likely spot us a Chick fil a (3 out of the 5 days of the week 🙈). Not only is the food good, but they have incredible service too! 
How about a little pop quiz?
#1 Top selling Beddy’s—Modern Gray
Did you know that Modern Gray was one of our very first Beddy's we designed back when we started 6 years ago and it has been our top seller ever since!  It is the perfect neutral color and so versatile that it works great for all ages and styles. It comes in all sizes too (even toddler size). Because this style was so popular we decided to make it in an All Cotton Version as well. So if you have been struggling deciding which Beddy's would be perfect for you, Modern Gray would be a great choice! You definitely can't go wrong with our #1 top seller. 
#1 Top selling accessory—Wild about ZZZ's Pajamas!
Ladies if you haven’t tried our pajamas you are missing out! Cute jogger-style bottoms with POCKETS make these great for all-day lounging (and who doesn't love an all-day lounge?). Want to win the best mom/sister/friend award? Snag a pair of these for your bestie!😉 And just like every girl deserves a pair of Beddy's cozy pajamas, every guy can get Beddy's pj's now too! Introducing our men's Late Night Pajoggers! What's a Pajogger you might ask? It's a lounge pant mixed with a jogger - and your man's life will never be the same after trying these bad boys. And we've even picked the perfect blend of fabrics to achieve the softest comfort, stretch, and performance. Not only will your guy want to sleep in these, but he'll even run errands for you in them too! 

#1 Top selling Blanket—Spotted

Spotted is our new take on animal print meets polka dots. We love it and we're pretty sure you will too!  It coordinates well with so many of our designs, in fact we think there are over 101 ways to decorate with Spotted. 😉 And look how fabulous it looks with our Dash Beddy's! 😍 Our blankets are game changers – we are serious when we say they will change your life. Beddy’s blankets are dreamy (and they will make sweet deams too!) - they are the perfect weight with the softest 100% cotton sateen finish on one side, fluffy cloud-like stuffing, and our plush minky on the other. The blankets measure 60” x 80” which is plenty big for the perfect cuddle or to add to the bottom of your bed for an extra pop of color and texture.  And of course because they are Beddy’s they will perfectly coordinate! 


#1 Top selling pillow cover—Naturally

This natural pillow cover goes with so many of our other pillows, it is the perfect accent for any trio. It also looks amazing on it's own (if I do say so myself). Not only is this a perfect piece to help accent your bedding, it can also be used on a couch, chair or any decorative space. Pillow measures approximately 17" x 17". Insert sold separately. 

#1 Favorite Bosses of all time?
Betsy and Angie of course (don’t ask questions about who was polled for this one).  Let's just say we may or may not have much competition! 😂

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