Celebrate National Zip-Your-Bed Day with Beddy's!

Happy National Zip-Your-Bed Day! Oh, you've never heard of it? Well, it's probably because it's a holiday Beddy's created to teach you all about our Beddy's Sets and how this ingenious creation came to be. 

It started with a problem: bunk beds. It is nearly impossible to make your bed everyday on a bunk bed with traditional bedding! Mom and Dad: have you ever tried making your kid's bed on a bunk? Then you know how difficult it can be. Bumping heads and skinning knuckles- How can we expect our kids to make their bed when we can hardly do it ourselves? 

Betsy, the CEO of Beddy's, was tired of running into this inevitable problem every day, so she decided to create a solution with her best friend Angie, Beddy's now CFO. After hours of research and countless prototypes, the first Beddy's Bed Set was born! No more messy beds and frustrated kids (and parents). Beddy's would solve all the problems of making your bed everyday- and not just for bunk beds!

Nearly five years and hundreds of products later, Beddy's has grown bigger, and faster than any of us could have ever imagined- and we are so grateful! Because of all of you, our customers, we have been able to continue to create more designs for all of you to love. Here are the top 10, most popular designs our customers have purchased this year:

10. Perfectly Miss Matched

The Perfectly Miss Matched Set was one of Beddy's original designs, and as you can see, it is still a top seller! This multi-colored bedding has many different colors and patterns. From turquoise to coral, and chevron to roses, there is something for everyone. 
Up close, you can see the intricate details, designed straight from the owners. Featured on the left is the coordinating pillow case and sham that comes in the Beddy's Set, and on the right is our Perfectly Miss Matched Pillow Set. The owners designed this pillow set to bring even more flare to the Beddy's Set.

This set has so much sentimental value as one of Beddy's OG designs, and we are so glad that you still love it too! Be sure to check out the matching accessories, like our Perfectly Miss Matched Pillow Set and Perfectly Miss Matched Bed Skirt. 

9. Goldie Dots

This magical design is our Goldie Dots Beddy's Set and it is the perfect choice if you need a neutral option but with a little sparkle. 


This set was originally meant to be a 'secondary' design so it would coordinate with many of our older designs, but this set soared above those sets and became a top seller!

8. Dash

Clean, classic and contemporary are three words we use to describe the Dash Beddy's Set. The name is inspired from its exterior pattern and the ultra neutral, yet extra edgy, bedding will be just what you want for your special space. Recreate this look with our Checkerboard Blanket and a new Beddy's pillow cover that is coming soon... Can you guess what it could be?

You can see we wanted different, but coordinating designs for the interior and exterior fabrics. You can try adding a pop of color with our BAM! and SMASH! pillow covers and really bring out the boldness in this consistently popular bedding.

You could also keep it simple with your accessories. Stick with the black and white theme, but switch up your patterns! In this one picture, we have dashes, spots and stripes. Does the blanket look familiar? That is our Spotted Blanket and it is made from of the interior fabric of the Dash Beddy's Set, making it the perfect matching accessory. 

7. Vintage Blush

The Vintage Blush Beddy's Set was created and brought to our line after many customer requests. This is the perfect color of blush! When asked to describe this color, our best answer is "the perfect shabby chic pink!"  (A blush pink with peach undertones.) 

Take a closer look and on the left, you'll notice the interior sheet is white with 'blush dots' covering the entire inside, and our favorite ruffles on the sham. On the right, we kept with the blush theme and paired the Vintage Blush Beddy's Set with our coordinating Pink Sugar Beddy's Set. However you accessorize this set, you can't go wrong and we know you'll love it.

6. Love At First White

Brooklyn and Bailey were so excited to help us launch this fabulous white bedding in August 2018! They wanted something fresh and clean with a little texture. It's a great option for dark rooms that need a little brightness. We all fell in love with this bedding at first sight and knew we had to name it, Love At First White!  

Up close, you can see what we mean by 'texture.' We coined the name, 'crinkly fabric', to best describe what this fabric is like and you will be surprised as to how comfortable it really is! You'll also notice the script on the interior sheet and pillowcase. It reads: good morning good night. Dreamy, right?

5. Oh So Boho

Looking for that natural oatmeal color? This one is for you! Our Oh So Boho Beddy's Set is what we would consider the 'sister' set to our Love At First White. It has the same 'crinkly fabric' and adorable script, but with a new, neutral color. You can have some of these accessories in your room by finding them on our website. Featured is our Scattered Drops, Farmhouse Stripes and Farmhouse Floral Pillow Covers. We also have a new throw blanket, featured in this photo, that will be released in the fall.

  This bedding goes from classic to Bohemian and everything in between, depending on how you choose to accessorize. In this picture, you can see we did take the Bohemian route and added colorful and boho-chic accessories, including one from the Brooklyn and Bailey Collection, the On The Fringe Pillow Cover.

4. Chic White

This next bedding was also designed by request. The solid white keeps it super chic and the extra ruching gives it more thickness and loft. Not to mention, there is not a lot that you can't accessorize with the Chic White Beddy's Set. In the picture above, we wanted to keep it soft, so we added light colors, floral pillows and finally our Enchanting Gold Blanket at the end.

We love seeing how our customers accessorize this. It is absolutely beautiful! Inspired from all of you, we wanted to show you how we came up with different ways to create a clean and colorful room with the Chic White Beddy's Set.

3. Checked Out

This neutral black, white, and gray bedding can be accessorized with just about anything. Another must have! Featured above, we added our Blushed Blanket and new Pink Sugar accessories: the Pink Sugar Blanket, Pillow Case and Shams. These pink details make this classic buffalo check style just a little more girly, and we love it! 

With the Checked Out Beddy's Set, you can also easily style it for a boy's room with our Checkerboard Blanket and plush Sports Pillows! On the right, we have our Goalll Soccer Pillow as well as our Home Run Baseball Pillow that's hiding in the background. Can you find it?

One of our favorite parts about this customer favorite, is that it not only comes in our original Minky version, but after many requests, we also make an All Cotton version (shown above). You can now choose which interior you would like and we're not gonna lie, it's a tough one! We love the soft Minky, but we also adore the symmetry of the All Cotton layer matching the interior sheet.

2. Nautical Navy

Nautical Navy has remained a top seller, coming at a close second, and we know why- this classic deep blue color coordinates so well with just about any decor. This solid color can go both feminine, masculine or for any age depending on how you accessorize it. 

In the close up on the left, the Beddy's Designers designed the interior sheet to contrast the deep navy. They call this fabric 'Geometric Navy' and solidifies this as another great gender neutral option. To recreate the picture on the right, make sure to grab our Natural Lattice Pillow Cover and Olive The Patterns Blanket. 1. Modern Gray

Our Modern Gray Beddy's Set is the perfect neutral color and our number one top seller.  Some grays will look tan or have a purple undertone, but this gray is the best neutral and the perfect shade.  We've worked hard to get it just right. Featured above is our Modern Gray Beddy's Set with Checked Out Shams and our Baseball Sports Pillow collection.

Again, the Beddy's Designers wanted to keep it simple and opted for a similar geometric pattern like the Nautical Navy Beddy's Set. This makes for another great gender neutral option, displayed in the picture on the right with our Gray Dots Blanket.

All of us at Beddy's are so grateful for the love we had received from our customers and we're excited to see what our top 10 best sellers are on the next National Zip-Your-Bed Day.

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