Create the Perfect Vibe With These Paint Colors for Bedrooms

The paint colors you choose for the walls in your bedroom can completely change the feel of your space. When you switch up the colors of the walls, you can transform your space, creating a relaxing space to lay your head down every night before bed. 

Whether you've outgrown the current paint colors in your bedroom or want to change the look and feel of your space - we're here to help. We created a list of the best paint colors for bedrooms to consider when going through a complete makeover. Here are our top choices:

A Pretty Pop of Pink

If you want to add a playful pop of color that's soft, subtle, and can complement almost any aesthetic, stick to soft shades of pink. We recommend a warm lighter pink or dusty pink, depending on the vibe and look you're trying to achieve. If you're looking for something unique and different, consider a light shade of purple or lavender.

Stick to Lighter Shades 

Lighter shades help create a relaxing, welcoming space. Lighter shades aren't overwhelming or distracting so you can have fun with your décor or bed design. A peaceful and tranquil bedroom is also vital to getting a good night's sleep and improving sleep quality. Whether it's light yellow, green, blue, or pink - you can easily use any of these paint colors for bedrooms to create the put-together look of your dreams.

Never Underestimate The Power of Neutrals

The truth is neutrals always stay in style. Whether you're obsessed with minimalism, coastal chic, or a farmhouse aesthetic, you can feel confident that a warm white, nude, or light brown will always look good in your bedroom. These popular paint colors for bedrooms are great alternatives to all-white walls and can add a warm glow to your space. 

Get Bold With an Accent Wall 

Accent walls add dimension to your room and add a fun flair. Consider choosing a color that will add a layer of contrast to the other walls in your space. For example, consider adding a green or blue accent wall if your walls are warm and neutral. 

Earthy Color Palettes

Earthy shades of brown, green, and blues are popular for a bedroom because they provide a relaxing ambiance. These timeless color choices can help you create a warm cozy home and help you bring a hint of nature into your bedroom. To complete the look, consider pairing earthy colors with wood grains and nature-inspired home décor for an extra layer of dimension. 

Playful With Peach

Peach is the perfect color backdrop for your favorite art prints and home décor. This color can pair well with neutrals and creates a warm, inviting space. If you’re looking for a calming paint color for the bedroom that’s still warm and playful - peach is a great option. 

Sophisticated With White

There's nothing more luxurious than an all-white bedroom. Ivory, eggshell, and satin white are all playful shades of white that you can dress up or down for any aesthetic. When you choose to go with an elevated shade of white, you can add pops of color with the wall art, décor, or bedding sets you choose.

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