Decked Out in Checked Out

February is the month of love and our customers, followers on social media, and our social media affiliates are the HEART of our company! We want to take this opportunity to make sure you all know - ALL OF US AT BEDDY’S LOVE ALL OF YOU! We are so grateful to each and every one of you for the love and support you show us.
Beginning this month, and throughout the rest of the year, we want to shed a little light on a few things we love - including people we love, Beddy's styles we love, and tips and tricks we love. Because here at Beddy's, we're all about making life easier and that doesn't have to end with making your bed (with ease of course!). We want to help improve your life in all aspects! 


We want to start by sharing our friends Brad and Holly with @ourfauxfarmhouse. If you aren't already following them on Instagram, you’re definitely going to want to start. Holly and Brad are the dynamic DIY duo that does it all. Holly is an elementary school teacher turned designer and Brad, her husband, is the man that makes all her design dreams a reality. These two have learned the trade of DIY without any formal training - and have literally learned on the job! They make DIY accessible and reasonable for anyone! Brad is a jack-of-all-trades and takes on every project with determination and confidence - even when it's a new learning opportunity. They got their DIY start a few years back when they bought their first home, a quaint little 1940's rambler. However, the first thing they ever shared on social media wasn’t until 2016 when they posted their cute little custom-built playhouse.
Image of a tan colored playhouse, with a porch overhang, white trim and brown door.          Picture of the same playhouse now painted white with a black door.
This adorable structure saw some upgrades over the years and we have loved each change they made more than one before! They have since moved states two times over and are now on home number 4 in the beautiful state of Tennessee. From accent walls to tile projects, they’ll show you all the ins and outs of creating the home of YOUR dreams - and they always uplift with their positivity and will have you laughing all along the way.


Brad & Holly's relationship with Beddy's began in 2017. As a busy mom of 5 with a never-ending list of projects she wanted to tackle, you can imagine Holly was excited about saving time on any of the household chores….enter Beddy’s.
A shared room with two black twin beds, both featuring our black and white Checked Out Beddy's. A rustic wood wall sits behind the beds and a black rug with white swiss cross sits in between the beds.
When sharing a picture of her boy's room featuring our Checked Out Beddy’s she said, “These Beddy’s take my boys 2 SECONDS to make in the morning. They’re 8 and 10 years old and ‘making the bed’ is pretty far down on the totem pole. It used to be like pulling teeth, but not anymore! The creators are GENIUS. A bed that zips up the sides and is so simple that even a 3 year old can do it?!” She continued on to say she loves when businesses create products that are not only useful, but stylish too. And if you know anything about Holly, you know style is definitely a requirement. Throughout the years @ourfauxfarmhouse’s style has continued to evolve, and like a few other things in life, it only gets better with time. Holly's love for Beddy’s, and for this Beddy's style in particular, has remained true through it all. And we are so glad it did. Take a look when she once again used Checked Out to create this SHOW STOPPER of a room for her youngest son, Scout.


Holly has since designed countless rooms, with a number of different Beddy's  styles, but it all began with Checked Out. If you’re like Holly and are also a busy mom looking to save time, Beddy’s is the answer. AND if you love the Checked Out style that Holly used two times over, February is the MONTH FOR YOU. Each month, Beddy’s features a Product of the Month which is offered at a special discount. This month happens to be - you guessed it - CHECKED OUT! This style comes in sizes toddler through king in minky and twin through king in all cotton versions. The neutral black, white and gray print works for any gender, any age, and can easily be accessorized with any color and/or style. We can even prove it - just take a look:
Do you have an auto-lover at your house? @thebarnwoodfarmhouse shows you how to use the Checked Out style to give your room a tune-up.
But don’t assume that this monochromatic color scheme means you can’t add a pop of color, it means you can add ANY pop of color(s) that you’d like, and @homebyheidi shows us that!
We also love the way @shegaveitago used our Contempo Plaid Blanket to coordinate the baseball theme for her ball lover. The options are truly endless. 
"Check" out our other accessories and let your imagination design your perfect room.
As Holly showed us, our Beddy's styles stand the test of time and can be used over and over again, in a variety of different ways. Our neutral prints  grow with your kids and by just changing up a few pillows or a blanket, the style possibilities are endless! 
We love seeing the way Holly, as well as our other customers and affiliates, use Beddy's and we'd love to see yours too! Please feel free to send us an email or a direct message on our social channels and your room could be featured here on our blog or on our Instagram and Facebook pages. You can also show us how you style your room with Beddy's, by posting a picture to YOUR social media tagging @beddys and using the hashtag #mybedzips to be entered into our monthly drawing for a $100 gift card to our website. Don’t have a Beddy’s yet but still want to enter? No problem. Use a picture from our website with the hashtag #thisbedzips for the same chance to win!
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