New Year Bucket List

The countdown is over and the new year has begun. If your 2022 New Year Bucket List is in need of some fresh new ideas, Beddy’s has you covered. While bucket lists are often filled with exotic travel spots or lavish experiences, we’re bringing it back to the basics and turning our focus to helping you improve your every day, in the life you’re already living. 

No More Resolutions

A new year often begins with a list of resolutions for each of us, but statistically speaking, most don’t stick. “Resolutions” can often have a negative connotation, many times things you have to give up or things you hope to stop doing, but not this year! How about this year, instead of making a list of resolutions, you make a New Year’s Bucket List?! While both are usually personal goals you set for yourself, or things you would like to accomplish, unlike resolutions, bucket lists are fun! Most people are inspired and motivated when it comes to their bucket list, and can’t wait to cross off those items, so pull out that pen and paper and start jotting things down because this is the year to achieve your goals! 

The first step to seeing success is letting go of the past. While it’s important to not get too hung up on the past and the times you maybe fell a little short, it is equally as important to not get too far focused on the future and bucket lists can sometimes have you living only for the future. Do you find yourself counting down the days to that next big trip or constantly preparing for that next adventure? While there is nothing wrong in looking forward to something, be careful it doesn’t have you so focused on what’s to come, you miss out on what’s happening right now. What would happen if you changed your focus? What happens when you stop living for the then and start living for the now? No more focusing on the past, no more looking too far into the future, this year’s bucket list is all about improving your everyday life now! 

Establish Routines

Establish daily, weekly and monthly routines. In order to reach your goals, it’s important for you to break them down into smaller actionable steps. Breaking them down, not only makes them more possible to be achieved, but also helps you to stay on task in your progress. By turning your goals into actions and scheduling them as part of your regular routine, they will ultimately turn into habits. So, no matter what your long-term goal is, making these smaller steps part of each and every day, will gradually bring you closer to your desired destination.

Get Organized

There are many benefits when it comes to being organized. Being organized saves you time, increases productivity and reduces stress, just to name a few. And while we all desire to have those things, doing the work to get you there makes most of us cringe. It’s important to remember to start small and not bite off more than you can chew. Rome wasn’t built in a day and your house can’t get organized in one either. Pick one area of your house at a time and focus on that. Pick one project within that area, and schedule that project into your regular routine. By scheduling these projects, you ensure even the most mundane tasks around the house get completed. 

Build & Strengthen Your Relationships

Reflect on who you spend your time with. Do they give you energy or drain you of it? Do they reflect the way you want to feel, the things you want to have and the person you want to be? Invest your valuable time in the relationships that mean most to you. Schedule quality time regularly with your spouse, with your parents and with each of your children individually. When with those people, be fully invested. Make your discussion with them the most important thing in that moment and watch how they begin to do the same.

Put Yourself First

If you’re hoping to be a healthier and happier you this year (and who isn’t?), be sure to add some self-care to your bucket list. We live in a very busy world, where countless responsibilities and obligations are constantly bidding for our time. Many of us are so busy, we often forget to take care of the single most important item… YOU!

Take part in activities that improve your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well-being. Exercise regularly, practice meditation, read for a few minutes each day and make sleep a priority. Doctors have said getting enough sleep is probably the most important thing we can do to care for ourselves. Getting enough sleep helps restore your energy, lowers stress levels and improves your mood (among other things). While there are many things you can do to assist you in getting a better night’s sleep, experts specifically suggest: establishing a nighttime routine, powering down devices and investing in a good mattress and bedding.

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