How to Easily Add Coastal Accents in Your Home

You see it everywhere! The current trend of nautical, coastal, and beachy décor. Maybe it’s all the snow we have here at Beddy’s Headquarters, but we can’t get the beach out of our minds! Is practically everyone you know either in Hawaii, Mexico or Disneyland?! That’s sure what it seems. Adding coastal accents in your home not only keeps you up to trend but also brings the beach and summer warmth into your home and brightens even the darkest spaces.

Here are a few easy ways to add a little coastal coziness to your home.

Start with a few throw pillows on your couch like the ones pictured here.

Adding a few nautical themed bookends and anchor statues here and there is a quick way to add a nautical vibe to your main living area.

Here at Beddy’s, we have a few nautical styles to help bring the feel of the sandy, warm, beach to your whole room! And of course, Beddy's helps your room to stay nice and tidy because it's all in one unit! Just zip your bed up in the morning, it's so quick and easy! Check them out and click on the linked word to shop now!

Oh So Seaside.... 

Coastal Cobalt...

Nautical Navy... 

And don’t forget the good smelling soap. Are you like us that certain smells just transport you to another place?! Well try these yummy soaps and lotions that remind us of the beach, the summer time and being nice and toasty in the warm sun! Click on their titles and you can order NOW!

Tahiti Island Dream

Endless Weekend

Love & Sunshine

Coconut Lime Breeze



The Beddy's Team 

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