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What Are Beddy's Beds?

Discover Beddys.

What are Beddy’s beds?

This is the question everyone is asking! What are Beddy's and what makes them so great?

Beddy's are one-piece high quality bedding sets that zip-up so you don't have to fumble around bed posts or walls. Even kids can make their beds in 10 seconds or less with our patented smooth zipper technology.

Thousands of happy customers would tell you they love their Beddy's. From the quilted 100% high-quality cotton exterior to the incredibly soft minky interior, Beddy's are made from the best materials from head to toe!

Each and every Beddy's includes:

  1. Fitted Sheet
  2. Flat Sheet
  3. Cuddle Blanket
  4. Quilt
  5. 1 Pillowcase
  6. 1 Decorative Sham


These are just some of the reasons you NEED a Beddy's®:

  • Multifunctional This bedding works on every type of bed. From bunk beds to trundles to beds up against a wall. How about beds that have drawers under the mattress, or daybeds? Yep, this bedding works for that! It will also work in areas that are a tight fit like trailers or murphey beds where your traditional bedding won't work.
  • Clean Design "A clean place, brings a smile to your face." The design of our bedding is clean and streamlined. No bunching on the sides where there's too much fabric to tuck. You literally have a fitted comforter. Gone are the days of skinning your knuckles and hitting your head!
  • Comfort We have chosen the best fabrics for our design. It's soft to the touch and washes easily. The inside fabric is a "cuddle" fabric that kids (and adults) will love because of its softness and warmth.
  • Fashion The clean design and simple colors of our bedding gives you the opportunity to accessorize it in a way that fits your personality. You can go from soothing serenity to sport themes to bright designs.
  • Ease "Making your bed with ease one zip at a time." In a crazy, busy world we are all looking for something to make life easier. Having your child be able to make their bed with no complaining, because they CAN finally do it on their own is a step in the right direction.

How to wash your Beddy’s?

Watch this instructional video describing the best washing techniques for Beddy's. Caring properly for your Beddy's will extend their life and keep you cozy for a long time to come!

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