Affiliate Terms and Conditions

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Updated February 15, 2023.

Being part of our Affiliate Program does require collaboration/posting/and styling conditions, and are outlined as follows:
Requirement for Collaboration/Affiliate Program Membership
  • Within 8 weeks of receiving product:
  • 1 social media post within 6-8 weeks after product is received
  • Minimum of 4 Insta Stories (2 separate occasions. 2 each time) tagging Beddy's in each (@beddys)
  • 1 Instagram Reel/Video or 1 TikTok video
  • To maintain your active status in the program, you must post quarterly on any social media platform. Be sure to tag @beddys so we see your post.

Requirements for Posting
  • Post and stories must be solely dedicated to Beddy’s and explain the unique features, mainly zipping, that separate Beddy's from traditional bedding.
  • Posts must tag Beddy’s in photo AND caption.
  • Within 36 hours of posting:
    • Analytics must be sent of post and stories
    • A screenshots of stories, and link to post must also be sent to Beddy's
  • 3 original high resolution photos are also required once your post goes live. Send a portrait and a landscape style photo. 

Styling Requirements
  • Beddy's must be wrinkle free (steaming or ironing helps) 
  • Make sure the bedding is tucked tight into the bed frame/box spring. This helps keep the zippers from getting stuck, and makes it look tidy.

Other Requirements 
  • Please use the hashtag #gifted or #affiliate. 
  • Make sure to follow all FTC guidelines.
  • By agreeing to the collaboration requirements, you have released your photo/video for Beddy's use and to be used at our discretion, including in our advertisements. 
  • If you would like photo credit, please add a small watermark in the lower corner of your photo.
  • New affiliates must reach a minimum of $2,500 in sales before additional Beddy’s product can be sent. 
  • Failure to meet the collaboration requirements listed above will result in an invoice being sent that reflects the retail value of the product received.
Beddy's reserves the rights to update these terms and conditions at its discretion.