Meet Ember

Beddy's x Make-a-Wish

Our most special honor from doing what we do here at Beddy's is the ability it has given us to give back. When you buy with Beddy's, not only do you get a better night's sleep and an easier morning, but a portion of your purchase (every single one) is donated to the Make-A-Wish foundation. What does this all mean? It means that Beddy's has become the largest corporate sponsor of the Make-A-Wish foundation in the state of Utah. And it's all because of YOU! Your purchase really does make a difference... not only in our lives, but in the lives of children who need it most. 
Our most recent opportunity with Make-A-Wish is to tell this young 3-year-old girl, Ember, that her wish of being a mermaid for a day is being granted. 
Ember's leukemia was discovered after investigating a suspicious rash. Her mom set up an appointment to get it checked out, but the week before she grew lethargic, began losing weight, and she didn't want to play with anyone. Ember underwent a blood test, which uncovered cancer in her stomach and abdomen. Her stomach was swollen, and she became anemic and constantly out of breath. She began four months of aggressive chemotherapy. During this time, she needed a feeding tube and was very immunocompromised, but now she approaches her one-year mark of being cancer free!
Ember's mom describes her as the most stereotypical girl you can imagine: her favorite colors are pink and purple, she wears floaty dresses and loves shoes, and she makes her own dances up. She loves swimming and sticking her head under the bathtub water, watching Disney princesses, and eating anything chocolate flavored, especially cake and ice cream. She has declared on several occasions that when she is older, she is going to have long, shiny, rainbow-colored hair. Despite having an older brother, she is intent on being the center of attention and her family says she can be very bossy.
Ember's greatest wish is to be a mermaid. Our amazing liaison with Make-A-Wish, Candace, coordinated and executed the most perfect wish proclamation day for Ember. Starting at the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium, with the arrival of Ember and her family, we told Ember that her wish to be a mermaid is going to be granted in June! Members of the Beddy's team were there to welcome Ember and her family with lots of posters and cheering.
Once they arrived, we then went inside the aquarium where they were given exclusive access. They learned about different animals, played around the exhibits, and had the absolute best time ever. 
Then in the shark exhibit, we stopped by the tank to have another special moment for Ember. Divers swam up to her with a poster that read, "Congratulations, Mermaid Ember!" 
Following the adventures and playtime in the exhibits, we had a pizza party for Ember and her family. And of course... a mermaid cake! Ember loves cake and ice cream, so it was only fitting!
Following pizza and cake, we gave gifts to Ember and her family. We had swimsuits for her family members, and Ember was given a mermaid tail! She was absolutely ecstatic.
And best of all, surprise guests... DISNEY PRINCESSES! As was mentioned previously, Ember loves watching Disney Princesses. We of course had to bring her dreams to life and have them be a part of her special day. They sang "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" to her, talked with her, and played with her. It was the sweetest cherry on top to an already perfect day.
It was the most special day. We cannot adequately express our gratitude and are humbled that we have been given opportunities like this to serve others and give back—which is exactly what we want to do! Without the resources and support from each and every one of you, we wouldn't be able to support other amazing organizations like Make-A-Wish. So thank YOU for being a part of something this incredible.
To read more about our partnership with Make-A-Wish and the other wishes we have granted, click here.
We would like to extend a huge thank you to the contributors of the event:
Loveland Living Planet Aquarium 
Cake donated by Sweet Tooth Fairy
Swimming suits donated by Rad Swim
Princesses with Wish Upon a Party