cream and gray striped blanket
cream and gray striped blanket with corner folded showing gray minky interior
Cream and gray striped blanket.
Enlarged view of cream textured bedding with a cream and gray striped blanket.
White queen size bed with cream textured bedding, white and black patterned euro pillows, medium black and cream textured pillows, a cream and black striped lumbar pillow and a cream and gray striped blanket at the foot of the bed.

London Blanket

Sale price$ 94.95


Formerly known as Cream of the Crop, this blanket is still the same and may come in packaging with either name for a short period of time. 

These cream and charcoal blankets are game changers:

  • Perfect weight with the softest 100% cotton sateen finish on one side, and our plush charcoal minky on the other.
  • Large blankets measure 60” x 80” 
  • XL blanket measure approximately 60" x 98"