Rainbow Crush Blanket

There's nothing like a first crush -  and our new Rainbow Crush blanket will give you the same butterflies just like your first crush did. And it's designed to perfectly coordinate with our Daydream bedding - but you will find with all of it's color it can go with so many different Beddy's styles.

Our blankets are game changers – we are serious when we say they will change your life. Beddy’s blankets are dreamy (and they will make sweet dreams too!) - they are the perfect weight with the softest 100% cotton sateen finish on one side, fluffy cloud-like stuffing, and our plush minky on the other. The blankets measure 60” x 80” which is plenty big for the perfect cuddle or to add to the bottom of your bed for an extra pop of color and texture.  And of course because they are Beddy’s they will perfectly coordinate with many of our bed styles!