Healthy Morning Routine For Kids

A healthy morning routine for kids between 5 and 18 is essential as it helps them develop better habits, keep their room clean and tidy, and stay on top of personal hygiene. 

Whether you feel your kiddo's morning routine isn't working or want to give them some structure, you've come to the right place. 

What follows is a checklist outlining the benefits of a morning routine, which can help your young ones develop positive habits that will follow them into adulthood.

Morning Routine Checklist

Keep it simple! Simplicity is the key to a morning routine for kids. If there's too much on your child's plate in the morning, then you can basically guarantee that some will fall by the wayside. 

Here are the five must-haves for a successful morning:

1. Eat Breakfast

Breakfast sets the mood for the day. The right nutrients can kick-start your child's metabolism and motivate them to approach the day with positivity.

Pro Tip: Remember to instruct your kids to wash their plates off after eating.

2. Wash up

Once your child is fed and watered, it's time for face washing, teeth brushing, deodorant, and general preparations for the day ahead.

Outline the importance of oral and personal hygiene – encourage twice-daily toothbrushing and explain how skin issues can occur without consistent face washing. This approach will help your child prioritize personal hygiene and develop positive lifelong grooming habits.

2. Get Dressed

Whether your child picks out their outfit or you do, it's often easier to pick out clothes the night before, especially if you have a busy schedule. Pre-selection reduces time and allows your child to dress for the activities planned for the day without having to think about it during the morning rush.

3. Make the Bed

Before your child bolts for the school bus, encourage them to make their bed. Fine Tuning your child's bedmaking skills will help them learn how to keep a clean and tidy room. 

However, the deceptively simple process of making a bed can be challenging, tedious, and frustrating, especially for kids in elementary school. The last thing you need before school is a meltdown because they can't get the sheets around each corner of the bed!

Consider investing in Beddy's easy bed-making options -- our bed sets can simplify the bed-making process and your morning routine for kids.

5. Pack School Bag 

Lastly, before they rush out the door, make sure your child remembers to grab their lunch and double-check their backpack to ensure they have their school books, homework, and other essentials. The last thing you want to do is have to stop by the school to give them their books or lunch!

How Making The Switch to Beddy’s Can Help

If you still struggle to get your kids out the door on time, don't worry – we've all been there! The solution is to simplify the morning routine by doing small things ahead of time, like adding toothpaste to your child's brush, picking out clothes before school, and switching out bedsheets.

On the bed sheet issue, the best choice for your kid's next sheet set isn't a sheet set – it's Beddy's. Our bed sets feature a comforter that transforms into a single, stylish, no-hassle bedding set. That means no more struggling with fitted sheets or worrying about your kids running out the door with an unmade bed.

Here's how Beddy's can improve morning routine for kids:

It’s All in One

With Beddy's, you only need one piece to make a bed, not three or more. Like a fitted sheet, our sets have a layer of sheet fabric that hugs the bottom of the mattress with elastic banding, with a quilted top layer that zips up on both sides for a neat, clean, fitted look. So, when your kids make their bed in the morning, all they have to do is zip up the sides, and voila! – job done in 10 seconds flat.

Of course, if you want decorative shams, pillow sets, or a bed skirt, Beddy's has those too. Each set comes with a matching pillowcase and sham (two of each for a queen or king set). Coordinating pillow sets and bed skirts are also available separately, making Beddy's a one-stop shop for all your bed making needs.

It Simplifies Their Morning Routine

There are real benefits to encouraging your kids to improve their morning bed-making skills. Teach your kids at a young age, and the habit will follow them into adulthood and provide a sense of accomplishment. Bed making can be frustrating for kids, especially if they move around at night and toss covers off when they sleep.

It’s Easy to Wash

On the subject of making things easier, Beddy's sets are machine washable. Bulky comforters or quilts often require an extra-large washer, but Beddy's sets easily fit into a standard-sized machine. Simply wash separately with cold water on the gentle cycle and tumble dry on low. Job  done!

It Fits Their Bed

A Beddy's set also fits perfectly on your child's bed. We take great care to manufacture our sets to exact specifications. The twin sets fit regular, XL twin mattresses (making them perfect for bunk beds); twin, full, and queen sizes fit mattresses up to 15" deep, and king sets up to 18". You can find exact measurements on our website.

It Fits Your Kid’s Personality 

Beddy's sets are fashionable, stylish, and ridiculously cozy and come in various colors and styles. Whether you want a playful design for a boy's room or a soft and sweet one for your girls, we have a style your kids will love. Kids love bed making with Beddy’s fun bedding sets.

Get More From Your Morning Routine List with Beddy

Don't settle for sheets! Beddy's is one of the best bed-making ideas for younger kids who struggle to keep their rooms clean, so switch now and choose bedding that will enhance your kid's morning routine and help them maintain a clean room. Start shopping our collection for kids today!

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