10 Fall Activities Your Family Will Love

The leaves are changing, the air is cooling, and there is no better feeling than when fall is officially here. We are so excited for all of the fun fall activities and we thought you guys might enjoy some ideas of things you can do with the whole family.
1. Family Movie Night
Hocus Pocus is definitely a great choice for a family movie night in October. Who doesn't love this Halloween classic? If you haven't seen it, now is the time. However, if you have smaller kids a better choice might be Hotel Transylvania. It is super cute, but it is also funny enough that the parents will enjoy it too.   
2. Make A Spooky Dessert
We love all things sweet, so of course we had to give you a few ideas for some of our favorite treats! These are not our own recipes so we have put links in so you can find them.
3. Visit a Pumpkin Patch
Pumpkin patches are so fun, especially for the kids. They are great for so many reasons, one being that they get everyone outside in the fresh air. The other best part is that your kids will get to pick out their own pumpkin, or a pumpkin for the whole family to share and it makes them feel pretty good when they find it. We definitely suggest visiting a pumpkin patch this year! 
4. Carve Pumpkins
We put this one right after because now that you have your pumpkins, the next best thing is to carve them. You don't have to do any crazy designs. It can be something super simple and your kids will love it because they got to do it with you. Then you can display them on your porch. Your kids will feel so proud of their creations. Now if you would rather not carve them, another option we have seen a lot, is to paint them. That can get pretty messy as well, but your kids will definitely be in heaven, we can promise you that!
5. Play some touch football
Fall is for football. One of my best memories is playing touch football out in the front yard with my dad and my siblings. I thought it was so fun. My dad kept it super simple. Whose ever turn it was would get to act as a receiver while my dad acted as quarterback. He would secretly tell you what play he was going to do, again they were really simple. The other siblings would then play defense, and if they touched you after you caught the ball, you were out. There was a line you had to pass in order to get a touch down. It really was so simple and so fun. I definitely would recommend this activity for the whole family. 
6. Do a Corn Maze Together 
Corn mazes are great because it is chance for the whole family to spend some quality time together. It is a great place to talk and get to know what each family member is up too. You also get to problem solve together as you make your way through the maze.
For those of you that live in Utah, one of our favorite corn mazes is at Corn Belly's. Corn Belly's has so many fun fall activities that the whole family can enjoy. 
7. Indoor picnic complete with Apple Cider and Doughnut Holes
Who doesn't love picnics? Well if the weather near you is too cold, try an indoor blanket. It might be fun to snuggle up near the fireplace on a Beddy's blanket and eat a picnic. Make sure to add some apple cider and some doughnut holes. Those are classic fall treats your kids will definitely love!
8. Attend a Fall Festival
Fall festivals are great because they always provide a variety of entertainment and food. That means that you guys have options, and for a family, having lots of options allows for some easy decision making. Finding a fall festival near you is pretty easy. Just look up local events on google and if there is a fall festival it will pop right up. 
9. Go on a Hay Ride
Kids love hay rides. You can typically find these anywhere they are doing other activities like pumpkin patches and corn mazes. They are usually pretty cheap and your kids won't be able to stop talking about them after you go. 
10. Make some S'Mores!
This one is pretty easy, and definitely fun! All it takes is some marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers and you get a very tasty treat. You can make them in a fire pit in the backyard, or if you don't have access to a fire pit, we have heard of some people that do it over a gas stove. If you don't have those options, pop it in the microwave for a few seconds! Either way, it a super fun family activity that your kids will enjoy for years and years to come!
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