How To Take Your Guest Room To The Next Level

The bed is the star of any bedroom, but in a guest room the bed is the number one thing that will help your guests feel comfortable and at home. With beautiful bedding—like a Beddy's set—as the center of attention, you know the space will look both stylish and inviting.

Have Your Guest’s Bedroom Ready in Minutes

Using a Beddy's set means not only will the bed be chic and comfortable, it can be made and ready for guests in a matter of seconds.

Having guests can be genuinely stressful, but Beddy's quality bedding makes getting ready to host easier than ever. Because everything you need—flat sheet, fitted sheet, and comforter—is all in one piece, you only have one thing to wash before guests arrive, and only one thing to wash after they leave.

And instead of having to search the house for extra sheets or worry about finding ones that match, you can simply toss your Beddy's set in the wash and zip your guest bed to perfection. Add pillows decked out with the matching cases and shams that come with your set, and you’ll finding yourself looking at a thing of beauty.

Kick Your Guest Room Up a Notch

Since the bed is so easy to get ready, you’ll have time before your guests arrive for a few finishing touches to take your guests’ comfort to the next level. Make sure there are towels in the room—white if you want the hotel-luxury feel, or in coordinated colors if you want them to match the bedding and décor.

Add a basket with washcloths, soap, shampoo, and lotion to really make sure they feel pampered. Have snacks and a pitcher of water on the nightstand to refresh your weary travelers, and put a couple of magazines and books (personalized to your guests’ taste) within reach of the bed.

For a guest room, skimp on frustration, not on style and comfort. With Beddys, you’ll have a beautiful, functional, easy-to-get-ready guest room. You and your guests will both be happier for it.

No Room? Make Some!

You won’t have to go looking for extra bedding when kids stay over, either. Friends and cousins can sleep in the kids’ room in comfort with an air mattress and Beddy's. They’ll be glad they get to stay with the other kids—and glad they don’t have to sleep in a sleeping bag on the hard floor. You might just become the favorite house for sleepovers.

To keep things neat, or if you’re strapped for space, you can simply slide the mattress under the regular bed for easy storage. And speaking of keeping things neat, even some of your youngest guests will be able to make the bed their own bed with just a zip—which means you won’t have to deal with extra blankets strewn across the floor.

Whether your guests are kids or grown-ups, if you treat them to a Beddy's bed, they will definitely stay cozy. Nothing beats the soft, warm “cuddle fabric” and the clean beauty of the bedding set’s design. And it will also be easy for them to leave the bed looking perfect—just the way it was when they got there.