Bedroom Design Ideas For The Romantic At Heart

You don’t have to have to cover a space in hearts and rose petals to add romance to a bedroom. In design, a romantic space is one that combines traditional styles, like vintage or antique furniture, with soft elements like lush fabrics and calm colors. It’s a very nostalgic, relaxing style, and it’s a beautiful way to bring in elements you love from historical periods.

But adding historical styles doesn’t mean turning your bright clean style into something stuffy. Romance is all about adding the right details. Here are some simple touches you can use to make any bedroom more romantic—a little softer, a little more relaxing, and just a little more decadent.

Make It Shine

Speaking of decadent, gold accents instantly give a romantic, luxury feel. Accent a soft space with ornate or gilt elements, like a gilt mirror (which makes a great DIY project) or even an ornate frame hanging on its own.

Chandelier lighting, sconces, and candles make a romantic statement, too. There are plenty of modern and whimsical chandelier styles to choose from, and candle sconces on either side of the bed give you a soft (and convenient) lighting option. Candelabra can also be both romantic and modern—imagine a small candelabra painted pink or turquoise replacing the lamp on a little girl’s bedside table.

Make It Soft

Lush fabrics are a hallmark of romantic style, and it’s hard to have too much. Think overstuffed, antique-style chairs or settee for a sitting area. Add touches of silk, satin, or even fur in pillows, rugs, and window treatments. Full, flowing curtains and bed canopies work wonders for softness and luxury, too. If you do both, vary the colors and fabrics, like gray and white.

Combine lush fabrics with more ethereal ones, too. Light, breezy, and gauzy materials contrast wonderfully with the more decadent textures in the room.

Incorporating traditionally feminine elements like ruffles, florals, and embroidered fabrics will also soften any space. Wallpaper is a great way to bring in feminine patterns. Use it on an accent wall behind the bed to really bring the room into focus.

Bedding is the best place to bring all these elements together. Soft bedding, including sheets and comforter, are a must. So are decorative pillows, which you can combine in different colors, sizes, and textures. Pillows are the perfect place to bring in toile or floral patterns, and they make it easy to tie in different colors from around the room.

Make It Classic

Antique styles will give your bedroom a classic feel, and rich wood pieces can anchor the space and make the perfect contrast to your soft colors and fabrics. Smaller decorative pieces like clocks or mirrors add romance whether they’re really antiques or not. And for furniture, if natural wood isn’t for you, you can update it with a bright coat of paint.

So if you’re a romantic at heart, let your space reflect it with just the right touches of luxury and softness.


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