Simple Style Tips For Decorating A Teen’s Room

For a teen’s room, individuality is essential. They may want to move to a more sophisticated decorating style, but they might also want to keep some elements of fun—including some of their favorite kid stuff. If your teen has unique style, their room should, too. Because in the end, their room should be all about them.


Picking a more sophisticated color scheme, like incorporating gray into the palette, can instantly make a room feel more grown up. Even if you add bright colors, neutral gray tones will make the perfect contrast, letting your teen’s favorite colors really stand out.

The right window treatments will go a long way toward a more mature look. Curtains in neutral colors with subtle, if any, pattern are another great contrast point for a brightly-colored room.

Using more sleek, geometric, and even metallic styles will also transform their space from kiddie into contemporary.


Keep things fun with their favorite colors and plenty of contrast in textures, patterns, and styles. Mix up stripes with spots and polka dots, solid colors with flashy designs.

Make sure things they love are on display. Put photos with childhood friends in funky frames. And make space for their favorite creations, like the intricate Lego sets they spent long hours assembling.

And every teen should have plenty of space for books. Try shelving in unique shapes, like a book tree, to display their favorite reads.


Teens may have outgrown their childhood love for a favorite cartoon character or obsession with toy trains, but their bedroom can still have a cohesive theme that’s unique to their own interests. A nature-inspired room in natural colors and DIY nature art projects is perfect for the teen who loves the outdoors.

And for the truly unique, you and your teen can work together on DIY projects to make their room like no other.


If you have teens sharing a room, bunk beds can be a decorating challenge. So start with the right bedding. Choose colors and styles that fit your kids’ likes and personalities, and don’t be afraid to mix and match. Just because they’re bunk beds doesn’t mean they have to be identical.

You also want something that will look nice, not something that will hang down too far or get bunched in the corners. Bunk beds can be especially frustrating to make. 

Decorate each bed with personalized pillows or contrasting wall art so each of your teens will feel like they have their own space. You can even up the privacy by adding curtains around each bunk.

Whatever design decisions need to be made for your teen’s room, make sure your teen is making as many of them as possible. As they move more and more toward real independence, they should have a room that’s not just for them, but by them. It’s the perfect place to blend responsibility and self-expression.

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