Find The Best Bedding For Your Design Style

by Beddy's Zipper Beds March 16, 2016

Find The Best Bedding For Your Design Style

We’ve collected some tips for choosing the right bedding no matter what style you call your own. Check it out.


An eclectic style means the choice is all yours. Pick the bedding that speaks to you in any  color or design Just be sure that there are elements to help tie things together and retain a sense of cohesiveness in the room.

Shabby Chic

White is at the heart of shabby chic style. A  white comforter with some texture goes beautifully with a mixture of

White is at the heart of shabby chic style. A mixture of soft colors and vintage-style prints like floral, paisley, and toile. Pillows with vintage images like an old-fashioned bicycle are also right at home on a shabby-chic bed.


Contemporary-style bedrooms tend toward neutral-colored bedding, especially in gray, white, and black. For contrast, choose decorative pillows in a solid bright color and arrange them symmetrically.


Cottage style is about keeping things casual and relaxed. Use calm, comfortable shades of green, yellow, blue, even light purples and pinks. And make sure the palette is balanced with plenty of light neutral colors, especially white, to keep the room bright and inviting.


The bed in a coast-style room should have a bright and comfortable look. Blue, white, cream, and tan are the best color choices for a seaside feel, and incorporating linen with your decorative pillows can add just the right touch of texture.


For a traditional style, choose bedding that’s rich in both color and texture. Neutrals like gray, tan, and cream are classic choices, but blues, reds, and greens also fit beautifully in a traditional design. And you don’t have to use the colors your grandparents would have picked. Try turquoise instead of traditional blue, or jewel-toned greens in place of darker shades.


The romantic style has a lot in common with traditional, but it’s set apart by softer colors and more feminine touches. Bedding with ruffles for a soft, warm feel is right at home in a romantic-style room.


Whether it’s a reflection of your own heritage, your travels, or simply inspiration for your own style, here are tips for the right bedding to fit design styles based on Asian and African aesthetics.


When American or European designers talk about Asian style, they usually mean a style of zen-like simplicity that echoes and celebrates the world’s natural beauty. Use natural tones like soft greens, light brown hues, and white. Choose bedding with a simple design in a solid neutral tone, and add soft contrast with just one or two decorative pillows in natural colors and muted patterns.

But of course Asia includes a multitude of unique nations. From India to Thailand to China to Japan, there’s a wealth of culture and beauty that a single, minimalist style doesn’t even begin to touch.


Like Asia, Africa is an incredibly diverse continent with many different cultures and languages. Many African styles, from Mediterranean to Moroccan to West African, combine, rich bright, and earthy colors with dense patterns and intricate geometric designs.


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