Need New Sheets? Read This First.

by Beddy's Zipper Beds March 21, 2016 2 Comments

Need New Sheets? Read This First.

Deciding on new sheets can be frustrating, and the choices almost overwhelming. You have to choose a material, a thread count, and colors, not to mention figuring out what’s machine washable or needs to be dry cleaned, what’s going to breathe well, what’s going to fit, and what’s going to stay put on the bed.

But you don’t have to go through all that if you don’t want to (and we suspect you don’t want to). Why? Because there’s Beddy’s. Here are just some of the reasons shopping Beddy’s is better than shopping for sheets.

One Piece

Beddy’s zipper bedding gives you all the solutions you need in one place—and in one piece. You don’t need to buy a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and comforter. A Beddy’s set puts them together into a single piece that’s streamlined, soft, and stylish.

More Than A Sheet Set

Beddy’s is better than a sheet set because it’s more than a sheet set. With an attached, quilted comforter that zips together with the sheet layer, you don’t just get new sheets: you get a whole new bed with a whole new look.

Super Soft

And the 100% cotton quilt is lined with super soft, minky fabric that’s far more cozy and comfortable than any sheets you’ll find. Plus, unlike other soft sheet materials like satin, it breathes well, washes easily, and it doesn’t slide off the bed.

Stays In Place

The bottom sheet layer has elastic banding just like a fitted sheet, so it stays in place and won’t creep up the mattress even for crazy sleepers. Carefully created to fit like it should, Beddy’s sets fit on mattresses up to 15” deep (18” for a king set).

Easy To Make

And unlike your usual or even your luxury sheets, a Beddy’s set doesn’t just cover the bed and keep you comfortable: it actually makes your life easier, because a Beddy’s bed is ridiculously easy to make. All you have to do is zip it up. High quality dual zippers run the length of the bed on both sides, and the result is simply beautiful.

The bedding is designed for a clean, tucked-in look. When the bed is zipped together, it actually looks like you have a fitted comforter that you’ve painstakingly tucked in on every side.

Great For Kids And Guests

If you’re buying for kids or guests, Beddy’s is the perfect choice. After all, it makes their beds easier to make, too. When kids and guests can leave their beds perfectly made in moments, there’s less work for them and you. Kids get a sense of accomplishment, and parents have that much less to worry about.

Machine Washable

You also have less to worry about when it’s time to do laundry. Beddy’s sets are entirely machine washable, and they wash beautifully. The whole set goes into the washer, and the whole set goes into the dryer. Fit the elastic band back over the mattress, and you’re done. No laundromat, no fuss.

Simply Stunning

And Beddy’s sets are simply stunning. Why buy just sheets when you can have an entire, beautifully designed bed set? With a range of stylish choices in colors, prints, and textures, there’s a Beddy’s to fit your taste and style.

Just think: you may never have to shop for sheets again.

Beddy's Zipper Beds
Beddy's Zipper Beds


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Jill Clark
Jill Clark

November 02, 2017

Is the Minky fabric a little warmer than the cotton sheet set? I am trying to decide which one I would prefer.

Heather Harder
Heather Harder

November 30, 2016

Just wondering if you can order extra sheet sets if you need to replace the sheet only part…

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