3 Bedroom Storage Hacks You May Want to Consider

We understand that when it comes to the bedroom, there just never seems to be enough space for all of your stuff. You need more space and maybe you're making a list in your head of all the stuff you're okay with getting rid of. Well don't throw anything out just yet.  We have come up with a few storage solutions that we think may work for you. 
1. A Headboard that also works as storage. 
This type of headboard is perfect when you just need a little bit more space and more places to put your stuff. Ikea has a great headboard called the BIMNES Headboard. It's great hidden storage for books, magazines, and whatever else you may want to store. 
2. Choose a bed frame with storage underneath. 
Available space under the bed is always a plus. Sometimes it is easy to just slide things under there and forget about them, but that also can lead to losing things under there. A bed frame that already has large drawers for storage is a perfect way to keep all of your stuff stored and organized. You won't lose anything that's for sure. There is a super cute bed frame that comes with four storage boxes we definitely think you will like. It is called the MALM High Bed Frame. Our Beddy's sets would look great and function super well with this type of bed frame. 
3. Attach floating shelves to your bedroom wall. 
This is something super simple you can do to add just that extra bit of storage in your room. These shelves are super easy to install and they look great! They really are so cute!