3 Ways to Add Color to Your Bedroom

Adding just the right amount of color can do wonders for your bedroom. It is a wonderful way to make it your own space. The best part is that there are so many colors that you can choose from and the way that you combine those colors will make it unique to you. It can actually be pretty overwhelming because of how many options there are to choose from. But we at Beddy’s have narrowed down to 3 fun and easy ways to add color to your bedroom.
1. Think...Wallpaper!
This is a fun one and pretty unique. Gone are the days when wallpaper was drab and outdated. Now it is fab and fun! The design of wallpaper you choose is all up to you and the style that you like. Adding wallpaper is definitely a super fun and unique way to give the room that pop of color it so desperately needs. 
2. Don’t forget to accessorize!
There are so many ways to accessorize a bedroom. You can accessorize the wall with frames, photos, and artwork. That is a super easy way to add color to your room. You can also accessorize with a colorful Moroccan area rug that lies under the bed. Pillows are another wonderful way to add color to the bedroom, and who doesn’t love shopping for those? Whichever way you decide to go, accessorizing is a super fun way to add that perfect pop of color to the bedroom designed just for you. At Beddy's we have a ton of adorable accessories for you to choose from. Our Foxie Moxie Pillow set gives our Sketched Beddy's set that perfect pop of color! Or check out our Get Happy Pillow Set that adds even more color to the already perfect Pretty Pretty Purple Beddy's set. 
3.What’s better than colorful bedding?
This is a great way to add color and make your child’s bedroom super playful! A colorful bed will make your son or daughter’s bedroom such a unique space. What child doesn’t love color? At Beddy’s’ we have a few different colorful bed set options that you might want to consider. Our Central Park is a super fun way to add green to a room. Get Happy is another bed set that will definitely give that bedroom that pop of color that it needs. 
We hope these ideas will give you a bit of inspiration when you decide you want a bit more color, or even just to switch things up.