by Jess Ingersoll September 12, 2018

5 Adorable Ways to Add a Little Fall Into Your Child's Bedroom


Fall will be here soon and we are so excited. What better way to get your kids excited for the season, than starting to collect items that will add a little fall in their bedroom. We have come up with five simple ways to do just that and you can even involve your kids. They might really enjoy it and it could turn into a fun family tradition every year. 
1. A Pumpkin Spice Scented Plug-In
This one is super simple, but a really wonderful way to make the room cozy and feel like fall. It doesn't have to be Pumpkin Spice, but choose one that your little one likes. It might be a fun outing to take them to the store and let them pick one that they really like. Either way, it will definitely get them excited for fall! 
2. Fall Pillows
We cannot get enough of those cute fall pillows! There are so many unique designs that would look super cute with your child's bedding. You can go all out and get some shaped like pumpkins, some with cute sayings, or some that might be more "Halloweenish" like a black cat or a ghost. Maybe you might want some that might work for Thanksgiving. You can do something more simple and just use a fall color scheme. Your kids will love it for sure because it will give them something to look forward to as the fall season comes around. They really might enjoy picking out their own pillows or pillow covers too. This is another easy way to add that fall feel to their bedroom. 
3. String lights
You can do this any time of year, but when we think of fall we love anything that makes us cozy. String lights are a really sweet way of adding that cozy fall ambiance you might be searching for. They are super cheap and we know your kids will love them. Simply string them across their wall or around their bed frame. You don't have to have them on all the time, but it might be a fun thing to turn on as it gets closer to your kids' bed time, especially if you guys enjoy reading stories together around then. Just imagine cuddling with your kids, reading a few stories, and sitting underneath the twinkling lights. So cute! We would definitely recommend it. 
4. Cable Knit Throw Blanket
The cable knit blankets and throws have been around for a while. They are super adorable in the bedroom and they definitely scream cozy which is why they are so perfect for the transition into fall. Any neutral color would work for the fall season, but we might also suggest considering a burnt orange. Your kids will love cuddling up in those blankets and depending on the color you choose, it could really add a fall feel in their bedroom. It is something simple and subtle, but still adorable.
5. Miniature Pumpkins
We all know that if you are going to have any type of fall decoration, pumpkins better be on your list, especially since you can get them in white. You can get them small or big, but the miniature ones would be super easy to add in your child's bedroom without worrying about overdoing it. Your son or daughter may have a say where they want them, so maybe consider involving them. They might really enjoy it. 
If you are wondering whether or not the bedding in your kid's bedroom will clash, we have a simple solution. We have a few Beddy's set designs that are adorable and are really easy to decorate because they won't clash with anything. For example, our Dash Beddy's set is so cute! It can work for both boy and girl bedrooms. Because it is only black and white, there are so many ways to style it that you should have zero problems adding those fall decorations you are looking forward too. Click here to see find our Dash Beddy's bed set. 
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Jess Ingersoll
Jess Ingersoll


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