5 Home Decor Must Haves You Need Right Now!

1. Beddy’s Beds



Who doesn’t love our Beddy’s beds for spring and we seriously have the best options that are totally trendy for spring and summer! You should check out our Get Happy as well as our Pretty Pretty Purple Beddy’s sets! They are the perfect way to makeover your daughter’s bedroom for spring. It is such a simple way to completely change the room and we know your little girl will love it! Our Sketched design is another beautiful set that will lighten up the room. A great way to redo a room for spring!

  • 2. Pastel Colors



    Pastel colors like lavender, bubble gum pink, and mint green are really making a comeback for spring. From the bedding, to the accents, to even the walls, it is all about the pastel. Some refer to them as the ice cream colors which is perfect for springtime! We love pastels in prints and the prints above are a perfect mixture of the pastel color trend with the tropical decor trend. They would make any room pretty spectacular! 

    3. Tropical Decor


    The tropical vibes seem to be hitting us in all directions. From portraits of palm trees to tropical wallpaper, it is all trending! And we have to say it is actually super cute! It is a fun way to change up your decor for the spring and for the coming summer! What better way to get excited for those summer months than with new wall art featuring all things palm trees.


    4. Bubble Chandelier


    These things are gorgeous! What better way than to spruce up a room than with a beautiful new chandelier like this? There are so many different versions of these chandeliers, it is so hard to pick a favorite. They really lighten up your room in so many ways! The glass bubbles are irresistable and just perfect for summertime! This would be a super fun way to change up a room that much needs a makeover.

    5. Foliage


    We can’t stress enough how fun this trend is! I mean this is the best type of decor out there because brings a little bit of the outside in. A win win in our opinion. Whether you choose a simple succulent or a whole tree, you really cannot go wrong with going green in this way! It is such a gorgeous way to give your room that much needed breath of life, but just make sure you do a little research before you buy your new plants. Some are more high maintenance than others and so you will want to make sure know how much work you are willing into taking care of it.