A Perfect Use of Space: A Multi-functional Guest Bedroom

How many of you have a guest bedroom in your home that you would like to serve multiple purposes? Having enough space in your home for everything you want seems to be a common problem for every family. You want an office, but you also could use an extra bedroom, maybe you would enjoy a place for all of your craft supplies. How can you make a space serve all of those different purposes? Well we have a few ideas for that extra guest bedroom that will allow it to be functional during the times when guests aren’t staying over.
1. Try out a Murphy bed.
Murphy beds are a great way of allowing rooms to be multi-functional. When the bed isn’t being used, you simply have to put it away, and it leaves you with a ton of space. This is perfect for all of you crafty ladies who want a space for all of your projects. You can set up a table in the extra space for all of your materials. We might suggest a table that can be easily taken down and stored away so that you can easily put it away when you have guests come.
2. Consider a day bed.
This is another type of bed perfect for when you need a sitting area and a place for your guests to sleep. You might use this type of bed if you would also like the room to work as an office space. That way you have a place for others to sit down in there with you. Honestly it would be perfect for those of you who have kids. It gives them a space to sit down and read, or do their homework, while you work at your computer. You can still be in there together and still get the stuff done that you need to.
3. Add a minimalist desk.
This is important to a room that has a bed in it. When the bed is being used you probably won’t have enough room for bulky office furniture and therefore will need a smaller desk. We might recommend one without too many drawers and we would also suggest to keep the clutter on top to a minimum. This will work great for those of you who want a separate space to work.
4. Organize that closet.
In our experience, most rooms, especially guest bedrooms do have a closet, and too often are those closets stuffed with junk that you never have used, therefore never will. There are so many ways you can organize it and keep it clean. You can add extra shelves or something else that makes storing your items much easier, but we might first suggest to go through that closet and take out what you don’t use anymore. Minimize what is in there. For those of you who want the guest room to also work as a craft room, you can store you materials in that closet. 
5. Take advantage of our Beddy’s bed sets!
We know that you want this room to be as efficient and functional as possible and what better way to do that than with a Beddy’s bed set. They look so great on murphy beds and day beds and when you need to make the bed, it’s as easy as can be because all you have to do is zip it up. Even washing it is easy, because it can all be washed together! We definitely would recommend trying out on of our Beddy’s bed sets! There are tons of beautiful designs that would work for any type of guest room and keep in mind that we do have a 30 day return policy in case you are not satisfied with your Beddy’s set.