A Summer Chore Chart for Summer Break!

Summer break is here! The kids are home from school and they need something to do. We’re sure the two words “I’m bored” are about driving you crazy right about now, so we have a solution that is a “win-win” for both parties. We know that having your kids at home all day may make your days a bit, messier, or even a bit crazier and we’re sure you would like their help picking up. Our solution is this, a summer chores chart that has an incentive at the end. This chart is free and you can download and print it anytime. The list consists of a few things that your kids can easily do and will make your day much easier. Things like brushing your teeth and picking up toys just to name a few
Each day you can fill out the bottom part with what your child will receive when all of the tasks have been accomplished. That will be the incentive for them to get their chores done. It can be something as simple as time with mom, or maybe a trip to the library. Maybe they get to make cookies. Either way, it will be something fun for them to look forward to and a way for you to have a bit more of a routine for your kids each day.
Click here to download the chart for free.
We really hope this helps you enjoy your summer more and that extra time you will get with your kids!