Beddy's Spring Line Feature: Farmhouse

When Beddy's first started, we designed our products specifically for kids, but we soon realized we had so many opportunities to share our Beddy's Sets with so many other age groups! Since then, we have created styles for boys, girls, teens and adults. This is where Beddy's designers would like to introduce to you our final new spring design: the Farmhouse Beddy's Set.
We created this design based off the Modern Farmhouse style and it’s simplicity. While the outside reflects the Farmhouse Style's varied stripes, the inside fabric features a more contemporary design. This set is perfect for the young, old and anywhere in between. Here are some of the numerous ways we like to style this new Beddy's set. 
The stripes on this set are a beautiful slate color, but with the blue pillows, it gives the diverse illusion that the stripes are more of a blue-gray. To make it brighter, we added the blush throw and the blush pillow.
Featured above is our Blush Cotton Pillow Cover, Farmhouse Stripes Pillow Cover, and our Scattered Drops Pillow Cover. Feather Pillow Inserts sold separately on our website. Here are a couple of other ways we included our blush accessories into the new Farmhouse Beddy's set:

In this cute bunkbed room, we added our Farmhouse Floral Pillow Cover and Blushed Blanket at the end of the bed. While on a single bed, you can mix and match our Blush Cotton Pillow Cover again with the Boho Feather Pillow Cover and the Naturally Pillow Cover on top to add some texture. Feather Pillow Inserts sold separately on our website.


For a more gender neutral or masculine style, we added a basic throw at the end and combined 3 pillow covers from our new spring line together. 

Featured above (and below) is our Natural Lattice Pillow Cover, Sage Spots Pillow Cover, and our Smokey Sparklers Pillow Cover. Feather Pillow Inserts are sold separately on our website.

We know this new Farmhouse Beddy's Set is going to be a great addition to our product line and we are so excited to see how you will style your set. For more style inspiration, visit our website at